AFL Fantasy Power Rankings – Round 10

Updated: June 1, 2017

AFL Fantasy is a simple game really. Pick the players who are going to score the most for your team, given the salary cap that you have. This includes two components – a players score, and their price. The big question becomes, who is in the best form (scoring the most points), and can I afford them. Many decisions come down to selecting a player who is better ‘value for money’. Someone who is not quite scoring as much as other players, but is significantly cheaper.

Each week in the Power Rankings article, I will show you who is in the best form, and what their ‘value rating’ is. The Power Ranking list is devised from all the players’ scores throughout the season, with a higher emphasis on their most recent games. This means that players will be higher on the list if they have a higher score in the most recent rounds. A player could conceivably have a higher season average than another player, but be lower on the power rankings as they haven’t scored as well in the last few rounds.

The ‘Value Rating’ is quite simple. The higher the value, the better the value for money they represent. Anything over 20 represents good value. Anything over 21 is a bargain price for what the player is currently outputting.

Round 10

Please note that players with * have the bye in Round 11 and will not be playing. Please check out our Bye Round podcast where we discuss strategy over the Bye period.

Players with a # have already had their bye, and will be available for the remainder of the Multi-Bye Rounds


Power Ranking Player (Team)

Value Rating

1 *Sam Docherty (Car) 18.96
2 Taylor Adams (Coll) 17.13
3 *Leigh Montagna (St. K) 19.21 +7
4 *Dylan Roberton (St. K) 17.54 +1
5 *Michael Hibberd (Mel) 20.03 +2
6 Rory Laird (Ade) 16.58 -3
7 Bachar Houli (Rich) 20.48 New
8 *Kade Simpson (Car) 16.77 New
9 *Nic Newman (Syd) 21.65 -3
10 Luke Hodge (Haw) 17.77 New

This week is going to be very light for premium defenders. Six of the top ten players will be on their bye, so it is just as well only the best 18 scores count, regardless of position. Rory Laird had a bit of a shocker in horrendous conditions that really didn’t suit the game style of a slick half back flanker. I expect him to bounce back strongly this week against Geelong. Sam Docherty showed once again why he is THE premium defender to have. He scored 130 in a spirited Carlton outfit that lost to North Melbourne on the weekend. With only 2 scores below 100, and zero scores below 90, he is Mr. Consistency.


Power Ranking Player (Team) Value Rating Change
1 *Tom Rockliff (Bris) 18.33 +2
2 Tom Mitchell (Haw) 17.94 -1
3 *Bryce Gibbs (Car) 20.42 +11
4 #Gary Ablett (GC) 18.29 +3
5 #Aaron Hall (GC) 20.10 +5
6 Rory Sloane (Ade) 19.24 New
7 Scott Pendlebury (Coll) 19.33 +1
8 David Zaharakis (Ess) 21.90 New
9 Mitch Duncan (Gee) 18.04 -7
10 Patrick Dangerfield (Gee) 18.94 -4
11 Zach Merrett (Ess) 17.12 -7
12 *Dan Hannebery (Syd) 19.40 New
13 Josh Kelly (GWS) 19.07 -1
14 *Dayne Zorko (Bris) 18.40 -1
15 Andrew Gaff (WC) 19.72 New


Assuming that he is named, Gary Ablett looks to be one of the key midfielders for AFL Fantasy coaches over the bye rounds. Hopefully the Suns were just being cautious by giving him the extra weeks rest – something I expect a lot of clubs to do with their senior players over the next 3 weeks (ie Nick Riewoldt). He has only had one bad round (a 69 in Round 2) and is averaging an impressive 130 over his last 3 games. As he has already had his bye, he will play each of the Multi-bye rounds, assuming he is fit. Also look at fellow Sun Aaron Hall who is in the same situation. Hall is averaging 135 over his last 3 games, but has also had 3 games below 100 for the season. He is not quite the consistent performer that Gaz is, but does offer better value for money, being $64,000 cheaper.


Power Ranking Player (Team) Value Rating Change
1 *Matthew Kreuzer (Car) 20.77 +4
2 Sam Jacobs (Ade) 18.19 New
3 Brodie Grundy (Coll) 18.58 +1
4 #Jarrod Witts (GC) 20.47 New
5 Ben McEvoy (Haw) 17.36 -2


In what was assumed would be a pretty tough matchup against Todd Goldstein, Matthew Kreuzer easily won the day from a Fantasy perspective. Kreuzer scored 132 points compared to Goldy’s 69, catapulting him to the top of the Ruck Power Rankings, and also dropping Goldy out of the top 5. If you are looking for some Ruck cover over the Byes, Jarrod Witts is your man. Witts has been a revelation for coaches who took the punt on him at the start of the year, and whilst he is not producing huge numbers, his 96 season average is very respectable.


Power Ranking Player (Team) Value Rating Change
1 Elliot Yeo (WCE) 18.54 +3
2 Isaac Smith (Haw) 20.03 New
3 *Cam Pederson (Mel) 20.43 New
4 #Chad Wingard (Port) 20.00 +1
5 Shaun Higgins (NM) 19.25 New
6 Toby Greene (GWS) 19.44 New
7 Jack Billings (St. K) 18.89 -6
8 #Michael Barlow (GC) 18.34 New
9 Lance Franklin (Syd) 18.00 -3
10 Jack Steele (St. K) 18.42 -2


Cam Pederson played his 5th game of the season this week, and therefore becomes eligible for the Power Rankings, and he jumps straight in at number 3. After firstly Max Gawn, then Jake Spencer succumbed to injuries, it was last man standing at Melbourne. And Cam Pederson has certainly stood tall. He will be a lock to gain Ruck status in the next round of DPP changes leading into Round 12, however his place in the team is anything but cemented. Max Gawn is ahead of schedule in his return from injury, and it could be as soon as Round 12. Even if Pedersen holds his spot him the team, his scoring will be severely affected. If you don’t have him, you have missed the boat. If you do have him, move him on this week when he has his bye.

Gold Class

For a player to qualify for a seat in the Gold Class, they must be ranked ‘elite’ using the Power Rankings formula. This category is reserved for the best of the best. If a player is listed in Gold Class, you need to prioritise getting them into your team.

Matthew Kreuzer (Carlton, Ruck, $554,000)

The only Ruck to make Gold Class this week thanks to his 132 against North Melbourne. Since having the week off in Round 5, Kreuzer has been a fantasy stud, with a 5 game average of 108. This is behind only Sam Jacobs for this period. Kreuz has the bye this week, so don’t pick him up…… yet.

Tom Rockliff (Brisbane, Midfielder, $723,000)

Tom Rockliff holds his spot through his injury again. Hopefully we will see him back on the field after Brisbane’s bye this week.

Tom Mitchell (Hawthorn, Midfielder, $729,000)

Is it wrong to say that we were disappointed with a score of 108? Given what he has produced so far this season, it is below par for Titch, but from any other player it would be considered a very nice score. Hawthorn play Port Adelaide on Thursday night this week, which means a partial lockout in AFL Fantasy. Put your VC on Titch, as this will be one of the easiest loophole weeks in history. You take anything over 115, and just sit back and enjoy the rest of the weekend, much like the majority of coaches did with Dangerfield last week.

Bryce Gibbs (Carlton, Midfielder, $616,000)

Bryce Gibbs makes his first appearance in Gold Class this week on the back of an outstanding 145 against the Roos. He was overshadowed by fellow Blues midfielder Marc Murphy early in the season due to Murphy’s much juicier price point. And whilst Murphy is averaging 4 ppg more this season, it is Gibbs who has been the best performer in recent weeks.

Sam Docherty (Carlton, Defender, $664,000)

Only one half the Doc McAdams duo retains Gold Class status this week, following Adams’ score of 97 on the weekend. Docherty (130) was once again the saviour of many a Fantasy backline, with Adams (97) and Laird (78) both having quieter weeks than we would like. He will have a well-deserved rest this weekend, and we all look forward to seeing what he can do for the second half of the season.

Who are you bringing in this week? Want to know what their value ranking is? Let me know on twitter @OTLSArchie and I will be more than happy to supply you with the information.

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Written by Archie Keeler (@OTLSArchie)

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