Studs and Duds- Round 10 Weekly Wrap

Updated: May 30, 2017

Studs and Duds- Round 10 Weekly Wrap

It was a week from hell for many Fantasy coaches with the likes of Jake Lloyd going down in the first contest. To make matters worse, byes are here where some will jump rank whilst some will struggle to field 18 players each week. Let’s take a look at this week’s studs and duds!

Geelong 11.15.81 Port Adelaide 11.13.79


Patrick Dangerfield (125)- Had yet another three goals and looks back in form since moving back into the guts. If you don’t own him then now is the time to jump on board.

Scott Selwood (119)- Scooter absolutely loves a hug with his second straight game of 17 tackles. It is probably too late to get him now but if you’re struggling for cash and want a good bye round then scooter could be your guy. It’s hard to see him scoring well without tackles though so be wary.


James Parsons (27)- Kicked a goal which could save his spot next week but either way he should be traded after round 13. Let’s just pray he holds his spot.

Jasper Pittard (55)- Forcing ourselves to get Port and Suns players was always going to end badly, however I have faith that Pittard will still average his 90 for the rest of the season. Don’t panic but don’t bring him in.

Sydney 11.9.75 Hawthorn 12.9.81


Zak Jones (119)- Every week he does this, where he asks to be traded, then comes back with a great performance. He could be the least of your worries but he is an easy way to get to a premium at his bye this week.

Josh Kennedy (112)- Super cheap and will be a viable pick up for round 12. We all know how big his second halves of the season are.

Dan Hannebery (108)- In the same boat as JPK however is slightly more expensive. In my opinion Hanners is the better pick up as we know what we’ll get, so don’t go for JPK just because of the prices.

James Cousins (66)- As a basement priced mid with the round 13 bye, Cousins should be brought into everyone’s teams this week. Looking like the best downgrade target available and with 3 trades next week, one of them should be reserved for Cousins.


Luke Parker (66)- Owners just give up. Parker is done, and with a bye this week, I would not blame you if you wanted to trade him.

Jake Lloyd (2)- Super unlucky for owners with Lloyd being knocked out at the first contest. For non owners like myself, Lloyd is going to be cheap as chips in a few weeks so get excited!

Bulldogs 13.12.90 St. Kilda 7.8.50


Jack Newnes (143)- Newnes is quietly getting it done and will be about 500k this week after an injury-affected 16 last week. Looks like a solid POD and one to keep an eye on after his bye.

Leigh Montagna (123)- Averaging 101, Montagna is flying under the radar and alongside Roberton, will push for top 6 defender and should be considered after his bye.

Koby Stevens (115)- Another solid performance from Koby but there are just so many Saints to consider, that I don’t think Stevens is the bets pick.


Luke Dahlhaus (75)- Disappointing scores is an understatement for Dahl over the last few weeks so if you don’t own him then look to a fwd POD instead. Don’t panic though, Dahl is still averaging 95.

Melbourne 18.14.122 Gold Coast 13.9.87


Nathan Jones (123)- Along with a couple Saints, Jones has been producing great figures with an average of 106 and under 1% ownership. If you want a POD then Jones could be your dude.

Aaron Hall (117)- With a 53 point first term, the Suns blooded some youth into the guts where Hall was often left on the wing. For this reason I’m not picking him up but if Gaz isn’t named then Hall will be the best bet from the round 9 bye.


Touk Miller (54)- Will be handy during the byes but isn’t getting much midfield time so will be a must trade after round 13.

Richmond 11.15.81 Essendon 10.6.66


Dustin Martin (133)- Is still hugely unique and if you’re getting a round 9/12 bye player then Dusty along with Duncan is looking like the best option. Strongly consider.

Dyson Heppell (124)- Rewarded the owners who have kept faith and if Heppell is stuck at M7/8 then you have no worries there!

Andrew McGrath (85)- Has been so reliable but has done his job so look to offload at his bye or earlier if you are extremely heavy in round 13 like I am!


Toby Nankervis (73)- Saved himself in the last term but has also done his job now and if you can upgrade to Grundy then go for it. But it may be smart to wait until Gawn is back and then do a straight swap with the underpriced Demon.

David Myers (53)- 50’s aren’t the end of the world but if he does keep doing it then he won’t be making much more cash. We need you David!

Adelaide 20.23.143 Fremantle 6.7.43


Rory Sloane (157)- Bang! Sloane really needed that one but I doubt that another team will leave him untagged life Freo did. But maybe he can start to beat the tags and continue to dominate. Underpriced for non owners!

Andy Otten (107)- Taking Stewart’s score over Otten was the right option at the time, but Otten bagged 4 goals in a 100 point smashing. Still has some extra dollars to be made after that.

Connor Blakely (119)- Is cemented into Freo’s midfield now and could be a cheeky POD. Has been scoring well but probably too risky.


Nathan Fyfe (80)- Even when he plays well his fantasy numbers are poor. Trade ASAP.

Collingwood 18.21.129 Brisbane 13.6.84


Scott Pendlebury (125)- Wow. Pendles is going huge and looks like he’ll be a top 8 mid. With just 9% ownership, consider Pendles as long as your team isn’t too heavy on round 13.

Dayne Zorko (124)- Another who just keeps getting it done. But with his bye this week and Rocky returning the following week, Zorko isn’t the smartest choice.


Will Hoskin-Elliot (66)- Has been very good for us this season but with a round 13 bye, which is looking like the heaviest, he is a great player to trade this week as he lost cash after this 66. Thank him on the way out!

Stefan Martin (64)- Really Brisbane? Really? Again, they have brought in Archie Smith and Stef turned to absolute poo. We have to hold faith but if Archie is named in round 12, then it will be hard to keep Stef.

Carlton 15.6.96 Nth. Melbourne 17.11.113


Bryce Gibbs (143)- Averaging 111, Gibbs is going unnoticed again. A bye this week obviously means you can’t get him but another great POD along with Jones and Ross.

Matthew Kreuzer (132)- A great, unique option for Stef if that’s the way you want to go and is arguably the best ruckman right now behind Grundy on current form. Heck, he could even be better than Grundy!

Sam Docherty (130)- Doch is now well over 650k going at an average of 116. I feel for those who can’t get him, because it is epic to know you still have the Doch to play on a Sunday.

Caleb Marchbank (87)- Bye this week, fattened cash cow, but I still can’t bring myself to do it! Bank has been epic all season and undoubtedly the best rookie for us. If you aren’t heavy in round 11 then I would be holding, he’s certainly scoring better than a lot of our premiums!

West Coast 14.6.90 Western Sydney 14.14.98


Andrew Gaff (124)- Gaff is back to his useless, uncontested possessions where he racks up a ton of points even when Eagles lose. Probably won’t be a top 8 mid but a top option with the round 12 bye.

Elliot Yeo (118)- The yeo-yeo is permanently up at the moment and cannot be ignored any longer. Easily the best fwd around!


Harry Perryman (25)- Unfortunately Perryman won’t be that defensive rookie that we needed. Luckily though, we have Scharenberg and hopefully Ryan to fill that void.

Who is your stud of the week?
Who is your dud of the week?


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Written by Jake Pizzuto (@OTLSJake)

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