Studs and Duds- Weekly Wrap Round 9

Updated: May 24, 2017

Studs and Duds- Weekly Wrap Round 9

A huge week of scoring with a huge amount of players going over 150, including a Tom Mitchell 177! There were few duds this round but many coaches will now ask themselves about which Suns and Port players to bring in.

Geelong 16.8.104 W. Bulldogs 12.9.81


Mitch Duncan (169)- I’ve been singing his praises on this article pretty much for the whole season and finally coaches will start to get on board. If only I went him over Treloar 3 weeks ago..

Patrick Dangerfield (156)- A huge first half ended in a score that he really did need. Let’s hope this can turn his season around to what it was last year.

Scott Selwood (119)- 68 points from tackles summed up his first game and the round 12 bye is beautiful. If you aren’t opting with the Suns and Port players this week then absolutely go for it.

St. Kilda 10.8.68 Sydney 18.10.118


Dylan Roberton (121)- Bounced back from that 80-odd score last week and another with a very handy round 12 bye. Don’t hesitate!

Dan Hannebery (159)- He is 100% back but leaves us with a tricky situation this week. He will no doubt rise a lot in price after next week’s game but it is hard to bring someone in who has the bye the following week. If your round 11 side is strong then get him before the price rise but if not then stick to Suns and Port players.

Jake Lloyd (122)- Gun, as usual!

Nicholas Newman (113)- Had a 58 point last term which saved himself and won’t be losing his spot anytime soon. Too late now to bring him in now though, unless you decide to pick him as a D6 keeper for the rest of the year, which has its own risks. But if he keeps going at this rate…


Zak Jones (59)- Finally came crashing down and is one to upgrade at his bye.

Western Sydney 11.12.78 Richmond 10.15.75


Dustin Martin (122)- Along with Duncan, Dusty is an awesome POD with that round 12 bye. Super exciting to own with a huge ceiling!

Tim Taranto (84)- Has been super consistent for those who still own him and is the least of my issues at the moment.


Daniel Lloyd (44)- Unfortuantely was a much worse pick than Greenwood in the end and looks like a bench player at best. Wasn’t anywhere near it. With the Giants’ injury problems, his job security is still pretty good, so hold onto him.

Ivan Soldo (34)- Played as a deep forward the whole game, not hurting Nank at all so really Soldo should be under ‘Studs’. Don’t downgrade to him unless you are trading Preuss.

Brisbane 7.18.60 Adelaide 21.14.140


Dayne Beams (144)- Cheers Beamer…

Dayne Zorko (119)- Will thrive without Rocky but I wouldn’t be bringing him in, due to the round 11 bye and when Rocky is back.

Hugh Greenwood (93)- 3 goals and 9 tackles demonstrated why Greenwood is almost a must have for this week. Looks reliable even though he needed 3 goals and would have great job security. It will be hard for me to get him though when I have 650k in the bank!


Curtly Hampton (46)- Rolled his ankle in the third term and didn’t come back on. Has been confirmed to miss next week, so is now a must trade. Let’s just hope that there are some rookie defenders named this week.

Collingwood 13.12.90 Hawthorn 11.6.72


Pendlebury (144) and Treloar (126)- Pendles is back to his consistent best but there are too many good premium mids available IMO, and one of them is Treloar. Get him back ASAP but make sure you leave room for Rocky!

Tom Mitchell (177)- Wow. 50 disposals along with 8 marks and 8 tackles. He is simply a must have and is quickly becoming the best Fantasy player available. I am literally lost for words after watching that. LEGEND.

Essendon 19.11.125 West Coast 8.16.64


Zach Merrett (126)- If you don’t own him by now then you’re playing the game wrong. Gun!

David Myers (83)- Considering how good the Bombers were, don’t take this to literally. He looks safe for a 60 but don’t expect too much each week.


Elliot Yeo (81)- Limped his way to an acceptable score and was actually one of the best for Eagles, fantasy wise. Should bounce back next week so don’t worry.

Melbourne 13.12.90 Nth. Melbourne 15.14.104


Cameron Pederson (120)- Continued his dominant Fantasy form, without actually dominating games of footy. What I’ve learnt from this is that sole ruckmen always score well no matter how good they are. Too late now with Gawn coming back around Round 12 and his bye coming up but a huge well done if you gambled on him.

Todd Goldstein (148)- Has started to hit some really consistent and good scoring and is a nice underpriced ruckman. However Stef and Grundy are easily the top 2 rucks as well as Gawn coming back soon so I wouldn’t be getting Goldy.

Fremantle 13.8.86 Carlton 7.9.51


Michael Walters (118)- Yes Walters had a big game, but would I have got him instead of Myers if I had my time again? No. Walters started in the guts with Fyfe forward but in the second quarter and for the rest of the game it looked like Walters was back up forward, where he kicked 3 goals. So maybe he is back up forward, maybe he isn’t, but either way it’s too late now IMO. Never forget last year!

Sam Docherty (119)- Consistent, reliable, huge ceiling and good in wet weather. Will be in our teams for the next 10 years.


Kade Simpson (74)- Didn’t get those +6’s like he used to as he was playing higher up the field. Still potentially a top 6 defender, especially with his average still being 101!

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Written by Jake Pizzuto (@OTLSJake)

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