AFL Fantasy Power Rankings – Round 7

Updated: May 11, 2017

AFL Fantasy is a simple game really. Pick the players who are going to score the most for your team, given the salary cap that you have. This includes two components – a players score, and their price. The big question becomes, who is in the best form (scoring the most points), and can I afford them. Many decisions come down to selecting a player who is better ‘value for money’. Someone who is not quite scoring as much as other players, but is significantly cheaper.

Each week in the Power Rankings article, I will show you who is in the best form, and what their ‘value rating’ is. The Power Ranking list is devised from all the players’ scores throughout the season, with a higher emphasis on their most recent games. This means that players will be higher on the list if they have a higher score in the most recent rounds. A player could conceivably have a higher season average than another player, but be lower on the power rankings as they haven’t scored as well in the last few rounds.

The ‘Value Rating’ is quite simple. The higher the value, the better the value for money they represent. Anything over 20 represents good value. Anything over 21 is a bargain price for what the player is currently outputting.

Please note that the formulas that have been developed require 5 weeks of data to work. This is why you won’t find Max Gawn or Isaac Heeney on the list – they haven’t yet played 5 games for the season.

Round 5


Power Ranking Player (Team) Value Rating Change
1 Taylor Adams (Coll) 18.47 +2
2 Sam Docherty (Car) 18.17 -1
3 Kade Simpson (Car) 18.92 +1
4 Dylan Roberton (St. K) 19.09 -2
5 Zach Tuohy (Gee) 19.99 +1
6 Rory Laird (Ade) 17.86 -1
7 Jake Lloyd (Syd) 17.69 +1
8 Leigh Montagna (St. K) 16.97 -1
9 Jasper Pittard (Port) 18.73 New
10 Heath Shaw (GWS) 18.83 New


Finally!!!! There is life in Heath Shaw!!! Two solid weeks sees him make his debut in the Defenders Power Rankings at number 10. The fact that Heath Shaw can make this list after just two weeks of decent score also displays the extreme lack of depth in our AFL Fantasy defender stocks.

One other surprising note is the scoring of Zach Tuohy. After being heavily talked about in the pre-season, Tuohy is only owned by 12% of coaches. After scores of 131, 117 and 100 in the last 3 weeks, he is definitely one to have on your radar. He also has the highest Value Rating of the top 10, so his output for his price is very tempting.


Power Ranking Player (Team) Value Rating Change
1 Tom Rockliff (Bris) 19.28 +4
2 Gary Ablett (GC) 19.24
3 Tom Mitchell (Haw) 18.67
4 Mitch Duncan (Gee) 19.27 +3
5 Zach Merrett (Ess) 17.56 -1
6 Luke Shuey (WCE) 18.00
7 Lachie Neale (Fre) 19.33 New
8 Aaron Hall (GC) 20.16 New
9 Brad Ebert (Port) 19.00 +4
10 Matt Crouch (Ade) 19.48 +1
11 Rory Sloane (Ade) 15.67 -10
12 Dayne Zorko (Bris) 16.71 -3
13 Jack Steven (St. K) 18.40 New
14 Dustin Martin (Rich) 17.39 New
15 Patrick Dangerfield (Gee) 17.12 New


Have a look at the top 5 midfielders in the list above, and tell me the odd one out. There are 4 proven Fantasy studs……. and Mitch Duncan. He has quietly put together one of the best Fantasy runs in the competition. He has only scored under 100 once (and that was a 95) and also has a pretty high ceiling with 3 scores over 125. It will be interesting to see what (if any) impact Dangerfield’s re-emergence in the midfield will have. Danger has sat forward for a fair amount in the last few weeks, meaning more ball for Duncan. Danger is apparently over whatever little ailment Geelong was not telling us about, so I expect his ranking to rise, and Duncan’s to fall – though not by a lot.


Power Ranking Player (Team) Value Rating Change
1 Ben McEvoy (Haw) 21.86 +3
2 Sam Jacobs (Ade) 18.76 -1
3 Stefan Martin (Bris) 17.52 -1
4 Toby Nankervis (Rich) 20.20 New
5 Matthew Kreuzer (Car) 18.14 New

At the start of the season, if you had have told me that Ben McEvoy would be the number 1 ranked ruck in my power rankings, I would have reserved you a lovely suite in Arkham Asylum. However, the numbers don’t lie. Stef Martin still has the highest overall season average, however McEvoy tops this list due to his strong form in recent weeks. He is the only Ruckman to score 100+ in the last 3 weeks, and his 3 week average is 118. He is also great value for money, so well done to all those (yes, even @OTLS_Zano) who bought him in to ‘cover’ whilst Nankervis was out suspended last week.

One noticeable omission from the list is Collingwood big man Brodie Grundy. He hasn’t scored more than 93 since Mason Cox came back into the team in round 5. This is very concerning indeed. It also says a lot about the ruck scoring on the weekend when Toby Nankervis jumps into the top 5 when he didn’t even play!


Power Ranking Player (Team) Value Rating Change
1 Brad Hill (Fre) 22.79 New
2 Elliot Yeo (WC) 19.81 -1
3 Luke Dahlhaus (WB) 19.09 +2
4 Chad Wingard (Port) 22.78 New
5 Michael Barlow (GC) 19.58 New
6 Patrick Ryder (Port) 22.03 New
7 Lance Franklin (Syd) 19.10 New
8 Charlie Dixon (Port) 22.46 New
9 Jack Macrae (WB) 17.11 -2
10 Isaac Smith (Haw) 18.63 New

What a week to be a forward from Port Adelaide or Gold Coast, that is, apart from the fact that they have to play in China this week. Players from those two teams make up 40% of the top 10 spots in this week’s power rankings. You can’t realistically pick them up this week though, given that they are playing overseas, who knows what sort of Fantasy scores they will produce. They also have the bye next week, so it really would be a wasted trade.

What a game by Brad Hill on the weekend. He rockets to number 1 on the back of his 159 against the Bombers. This is only his second 100+ score for the season, so don’t be sucked in by one massive score.

Gold Class

For a player to qualify for a seat in the Gold Class, they must be ranked ‘elite’ using the Power Rankings formula. This category is reserved for the best of the best. If a player is listed in Gold Class, you need to prioritise getting them into your team.

Brad Hill (Fremantle, Forward/Midfielder, $513,000)

A huge week by the Fremantle Dockers recruit not only catapulted him to the number 1 forward in the Power Rankings chart, it also elevated him to Gold Class status for this round. Fremantle play Richmond in Melbourne this week, a place that Hill will be very familiar with given his previous seasons at Hawthorn. As demonstrated in Round 7, he can go huge, but he is realistically an 80 average sort of player.

Gary Ablett (Gold Coast, Midfielder, $668,000)

The little master followed up his huge 162 point game in Round 6, with a very nice 120 in Round 7. He has now scored 118 or more in each of the last 5 weeks, giving him a 5 week average of 133. As with all Gold Coast and Port Adelaide players, you can’t bring him in this week due to his bye in Round 9, but once the Multi-Bye rounds hit, he will be a great player to have over those 3 rounds.

Tom Rockliff (Brisbane, Midfielder, $714,000)

It’s no surprise that Rocky remains in Gold Class. He was a very popular captain choice in Round 7, and rewarded coaches with a huge 167 points. If you don’t have him, you need to get him. It’s that simple.

Tom Mitchell (Hawthorn, Midfielder, $686,000)

Along with the previously mentioned Tom Rockliff, Tom Mitchell is one of only 2 players to have scored 100 points in each of the first 7 rounds. Mitchell is Mr Consistency, averaging 127 over the last 5 games. He also had his first 130+ game on the weekend, cementing his spot in Gold Class.

Elliott Yeo (West Coast, Forward/Midfielder, $581,000)

I thought I would be smart last week. “Yeo never scores well away from WA, so wait until after the Port Adelaide game, and then bring him in at the cheaper price.” So much for that. It turns out we need a new rule. Elliot Yeo doesn’t score well at the MCG. His only two sub-100 scores for the season were at that ground. Good news for AFL Fantasy coaches (and West Coast Eagles supports) is that the Eagles don’t play at the MCG again for the rest of the regular season.

Sam Docherty (Carlton, Defender, $640,000)

The Doc is the only Defender to score 90+ AFL Fantasy points in every round so far. He ticks all the boxes – consistency, high ceiling and durability. He will definitely be a top 5 Defender for the year, most likely a top 2 Defender, and potentially even the number 1 Defender. He will need to be in your team by the end of the season, it’s just a matter of when you can pick him up.

Taylor Adams (Collingwood, Defender/Midfielder, $641,000)

Adams has (hopefully) finally put the injury concerns behind him. He has played every game so far this season, and has been a rock in the Collingwood midfield. We are so blessed to be able to have him in our defence in AFL Fantasy. Enjoy it while it lasts, because he will be a pure mid in 2018.


Who are you bringing in this week? Want to know what their value ranking is? Let me know on twitter @OTLSArchie and I will be more than happy to supply you with the information.

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Written by Archie Keeler (@OTLSArchie)

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