Supercoach Trade Talk – Round 8, 2017

Updated: May 11, 2017

Supercoach Trade Talk

Time for Round 8 of the Supercoach watch list!

Greetings one and all, in what is the aftermath of a dark week.
I don’t even think I should be called the Supercoach Guru anymore. I have had such a bad week of Supercoach that it actually makes my head hurt.
But I’m sure that I’m not alone as the Round 7 carnage is over and we look forward to some great AFL and we can all choke on the Beijing polluted air!
Let’s bring on the rookies and the people who need to be tossed out of a 7th story window with the rage trades!


Mid – Kurt Mutimer (WC) – $123,900
Break Even: -9
(Proj Price Incr: $22,100)
I’m amazed that the most likely player who is on the bubble and will play next week is someone with a BE of -9. I know that might not be saying much considering there are some 3 game players who have WAY less BE than this. However, Mutimer might just be counting the days until he is gone if he has another sub par game. Only an average of 40 and a game high 10 disposals might see him moved out of the squad at a faster rate if he doesn’t improve.

Fwd – Jack Sinclair (StK) – $298,600
Break Even: 2
(Proj Price Incr: $23,800)
An average of 86 for someone who is under 300k is a very nice eye opener for someone who has possibly snuck under the radar. Sinclair, who is only in 424 teams as of this writing, has been a solid addition to the Saints. With wins over the Hawks and Giants in his 2 games, Sinclair should be on your radar as an expensive cash cow if he isn’t already.

Def – Ben McNiece (Ess) – $102,400
Break Even: -49
(Proj Price Incr: $46,500)
*Traded Out – Total No. of Owners: 8

Although he didn’t play last week, McNiece could potentially be back for his Supercoach owners and start earning that sweet dollar that he needs to accumulate and fast. I do know of some owners who were banking on him to play this week. Thankfully Hampton didn’t have such a good game.

Def – Alex Silvagni (Carl) – $290,900
Break Even: 9
(Proj Price Incr: $36,100)
The man who was labelled as “useless” and a “dud” by Carlton supporters has just shone through the light. Averaging over 80 and one of the most influential people on the ground for the Blues over the last 2 games it is no wonder that people are starting to take Carlton seriously. The Blues defence is now a force to be reckoned with and their scoring opportunities are opening up because of it. Watch for Silvagni in the coming weeks as his price will continue to rise.



Ruc – Ivan Soldo (Rich) – $123,900
Break Even: -52

This is just a quick note about Soldo… does everyone realize that he is most likely not going to get a game again this year unless Nank gets suspended again? So this is specifically to the people who have traded out Soldo…
34 people who have traded out Aaron Sandilands…
20 people who have traded out Brodie Grundy…
19 people who have traded out Jarrod Witts…
16 people who have traded out Nankervis…
And the 433 people who have traded out Brayden Preuss.
There goes my chances as well… #NankervisForTheBrownlow. #Robbed. #1WeekIsStillBrownlowContention.

Fwd – Matt Taberner (Frem) – $336,000
Break Even: -41

I’m not going to tell you to bring in Taberner. Not by a long shot. I am going to tell you to bring him in next round if he goes anything higher than 80 against Richmond. I will preface this though… Taberner has only ever hit over 100 two other times in his 43 game career. Last year scored 130 in a 5 goal blitz in a demolishing of Brisbane but also scored under 80 for 12 out of his other 15 games that he played. Keep that in mind if you want to bring him in.


Other Mentions:
Mid – Jarrod Berry (Bris) – $170,000
Break Even: -23 (After 5 games)
*Traded Out – Total No. of Owners: 5

Mid – Brad Scheer (GC) – $117,300
Break Even: -21

Fwd – Charlie Dixon (PA) – $460,600
Break Even: -17



Mid – Joel Selwood (Geel) – $616,500
R7 Score: 95
Average: 112
Break Even: 179
(Proj Price Decr: $32,400)

It is amazing how much a season can turn around with just a few bad games. Case in point being Joel Selwood. He is still averaging around the same as Dangerfield right now but he has the higher Break Even score of a player who will actually be playing this round. Even though his BE is through the roof, 25 people have trade IN Selwood…

Mid – Adam Treloar (Coll) – $525,500
R7 Score: 73
Average: 95
Break Even: 163
(Proj Price Decr: $34,100)

The fall of Treloar continues. So far Adam has lost almost $80k this year alone and doesn’t look like slowing down. There are rumours that he will be rested for that game against GWS this week which will be half a blessing in disguise and a nightmare for his Supercoach owners.


Mid – Josh P Kennedy (Syd) – $532,300
R7 Score: 77
Average: 100
Break Even: 140
(Proj Price Decr: $21,300)

I know that the Swans beat the Lions last week… but I just feel the need to say that the best premium midfielder in Sydney who has actually generated cash is Jake Lloyd who isn’t a real midfielder because he is also a defender! The 4 best mids from Sydney (Parker, JPK, Hanners and Jack) have lost a total of $398,500. Sydney is on a downward spiral right now and unless they pull their thumbs out of their butts, they aren’t going to improve anytime soon.

Mid – Robbie Gray (PA) – $530,200
R7 Score: 30
Average: 91.9
Break Even: 169
(Proj Price Decr: $32,700)

Well for those of you who want to bring in Robbie Gray after the bye that Port has in Round 9, now you have a reason to! A solid 30 for the chosen one from the Power, who piled on 15 touches (12 of them by hand) and a cool 92% TOG. If you want to trade him out now, it might be too late. But a sub-$500k Gray looks so so tempting after his bye…


Bargain Buy of the Week (well, next week)

Fwd – Jarrad Waite (NM) – $499,400
Break Even: -2
(Proj Price Incr: $40,100)
*Traded Out – Total No. of Owners: 6
Although he copped a 1 match ban from the match review panel, Jarrad Waite is definitely going to be one to watch. An impressive 147 average so far him his 2 games has seen his BE plummet to insane depths for a man of his calibre. This could be just a flash in the pan like last year, so watch this space for more.


(*At the time of writing)

Written by – Chris Salcole (@OTLS_SC)

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