Studs & Duds- Round 7 Weekly Wrap

Updated: May 9, 2017

Studs and Duds- Round 7 

The week started off with carnage, with Nankervis, Greene, Parfitt and Beams all ruled out amongst others. Then came Thursday nights where most of our bench cover were out with the likes of McGrath, Fisher, Newman and Stewart not playing. Many, including myself, were forced to have a – or even multiple – donuts on their ground, with some no doubt spitting the dummy before the round even starting. But in the end, a donut on your field wouldn’t have been much different to Parsons’ 27 or Myers’ 41, who were most coaches go to rookies this week. Let’s take a look at this week’s studs and duds.


St. Kilda 16.12.108 vs Western Sydney 12.13.85


Jack Steven (113)- This is an epic POD and whilst he may have some poor games, he certainly has a huge ceiling. Get on board if you can!

Koby Stevens (108)- He was always going to produce good figures when he played and his first two games (106 & 108) have proved just that. Maybe not the best fwd pick up at the moment as he faces a short Tribunal ban, but if you’re brave enough then it will probably pay off.


Jack Steele (74)- Saved himself late but even then, 74 isn’t good enough, especially when he is my F1 (yeah, I know)! His 118 last week suggests that Stevens isn’t affecting him so don’t panic. Definitely not a top 6 fwd though.

Nick Riewoldt (51)- For some reason I have never like Roo as a premium forward and I probably won’t for the rest of this season. You have to hold but can’t be bringing him in with the amount of gun forwards around. Besides we all know what his ceiling is, so no cause for worry just yet.

Nth. Melbourne 22.13.145 vs Adelaide 13.8.86


Jarrad Waite (150)- Ahh, don’t you just love a good old Jarrad Waite. Don’t fall into the trap if that’s what you were thinking.

Matt Crouch (116)- The amount of POD midfielders available is insane. Crouch should be near the top of that list as he continues to find the footy even when the Crows get smashed. Legend.

Andy Otten (79)- Played down back (from what I saw) and still managed a great score. Let’s just hope he keeps pumping out good scores. He’s the least of my worries for now.


Ed Vickers-Willis (39)- A rook who was basically useless in covering for a defender. Bench cover only.

Corey Wagner (13)- Well, this is awkward. As I searched for a rookie after lockout lifted, Wagner sprung to mind as I remember noticing him on fire early. As I scrolled down the list of players and saw his score, I knew it had to be a mistake. But no. Wagner literally didn’t do anything after 2 minutes and 49 seconds into the game. Literally nothing. He was on 13 on the 2 minute mark, and did not touch the ball for the rest of the game. How?

EDIT: So it turns out he was injured. That would probably do it. But he’s not a good Fantasy option even when fit!

Rory Sloane (65)- We knew it was coming, and the tag by Gibson was not pretty for Sloane owners, or even more so, for Sloane captainers. He is averaging 122 even with two 60’s so let’s just let this one slide. Maybe being moved to M1 in AFL Fantasy for coaches got to his head.

Curtly Hampton (45)- See ya Curtly.

Collingwood 8.8.56 vs Carlton 12.7.79


Taylor Adams (117)- This shocked me when I saw that he is averaging 121. He is quietly getting it done for us in the backline and his brilliance is going unnoticed. What an absolute gun, and a good POD captain option if you’re worried about your league matchup.

Sam Petrevski-Seton (93)- If anyone still owns him then this would’ve been handy. He is pure class and should look safe in your team for a little longer.

Caleb Marchbank (84)- Watch and learn Curtly, watch and learn.


Brodie Grundy (83)- To those who picked him this week for Nank, why? With Cox in the team an average of 90-95 looks like the best case scenario and he will keep on dropping in price. Yes, he will still not have a ‘bad’ game but is a waste of a trade IMO.

Adam Treloar (82)- He isn’t looking great at the moment but to be fair, he did well to get an 80 with a hard tag. But seriously Adam, lift. We didn’t bring you in for 80s.

Will Hoskin-Elliot (53)- “Maybe he does like the wet” is what some were saying after a 26 point first term but then he remembered that he didn’t like the wet. Depending on the weather forecast, you could consider trading him this week, maybe to someone like a Heeney?

Port Adelaide 12.15.87 vs West Coast 15.7.97


Jaspar Pittard (113)- Has been very consistent since his return and could be one to look at after his bye. Consider.

Brad Ebert (113)- Probably not the best premium mid around but after his bye he could be a very nice addition to your team. Much more value in draft leagues (remember he usually drops off in second half of the season. Sneaky trade for the Swans’ Kennedy?) Add him to the watchlist.

Elliot Yeo (124)- All Yeo needed was a good game away, and that’s what he gave. Don’t hesitate now!

Luke Shuey (118)- Yet another premium mid who is an epic option. I have to give these blokes a name so I don’t keep repeating myself.


Robbie Gray (37)- A perfect pick up after his bye? Ah… no. His low scores are way too low to even be considered as a so called premium and it is probably best to stay away from Robbie, so much so that his premium status is under question, even as a forward. Barlow would be a much better option.

Gold Coast 18.16.124 vs Geelong 15.9.99


Aaron Hall (156)- Who knows, maybe it wasn’t such a bad idea picking Hall at the start of the season. Oh wait, yes it was. Not one regret trading Hall after round 2. He is simply a waste of a mid spot. You could trade him during his bye round if you want but I would just leave him there, especially with a ceiling like that!

Jarrod Witts (121) – Does this say more about Geelong rucks or Witts’s first season with the Suns? Probably a bit of column A, a bit of column B.

Gary Ablett (120)- I want him so bad! But I also want hundred of other mids so bad and only have one more spot for them. The GOAT looks like the man after his bye though. Could he get rested for China? Possibly.

Michael Barlow (112)- Its good to have Barlow as an option again as he picks up forward status and is another to consider after round 9.

Mitch Duncan (121)- AND ANOTHER…

Patrick Dangerfield (119)- He’s producing some big last terms, but hey, if he’s scoring 120s I’m happy. A lot of overreaction about his Fantasy over the last couple weeks. Under-priced for those who don’t own him.


James Parsons (27)- James you are an absolute mare. He is so lucky that Myers stopped touching it after half time as I was so angry at picking him over Myers. Lets just pray he doesn’t get dropped this week.

Bulldogs 11.14.80 vs Richmond 11.9.75


Lachie Hunter (131)- Has a big ceiling, but not to be considered as a sole mid unfortunately. Just as likely to score an 80.

Luke Dahlhaus (115)- Will keep on keeping on throughout the season and is starting to hit some big scores. Gun.

Ivan Soldo (75)- If you got him this week, then well done, but purely because Myers and Parsons were absolute sh*t. Highly unlikely to hold his spot next week with Nank back. If he does though, Nank holders should be a bit worried.


Daniel Butler (50)- He’s been great in his services rising 149k in AFL Fantasy. At this time of he year though, 50s and 60s aren’t ideal. But maybe they are with these kind of rookies around. Should be alright on the bench for a bit longer, but there are other rookie cash cows who are a bit fatter, to follow on with the analogy!

Sydney 20.15.135 vs Brisbane 12.9.81


Lance Franklin (131)- Settle down, it was only Brisbane. Let alone the previous 4 games he had before that. Nowhere near some of the other forwards available right now in my opinion.

Dan Hannebery (115)- Underpriced? Yes. Great option? I’m still not convinced. If he had a 140 then absolutely, but a 115 against Brisbane isn’t record breaking and I would still love to see another week from him before I’m convinced he’s back to his earlier form. Monitor but if you have to go for it this week then feel free.

Isaac Heeney (102)- A 58 point first quarter was insane but didn’t do much else for the rest of the game. Another who I’d love to see again but picking him may be a must this week with limited rookies available.

Tom Rockliff (167)- Let’s not spiel on about this because it was coming. He seriously saved everyone from going well below 2000 and is simply a must have.


Josh P Kennedy (58)- This is exactly why I’m not sold on Hanners yet.

Melbourne 14.7.91 vs Hawthorn 14.10.94


Cameron Pederson (97)- Another good score and this was against a good ruckman. He is doing exactly what Stef did a few years back but with Heeney not far away from him, Pederson may be too risky.

Tom Mitchell (136)- Where would we be without him? Good for a 120 each week.

Ben McEvoy (124)- Now this is triggering. He was in my team until Newman was out late on Friday so I had to reverse those trades. He was looking like an awesome stepping stone to a better ruck but his ship has probably sailed after being up against Pederson this week.

Jarryd Roughead (107)- Screw you Jarryd! (Yes, I may have traded him out last week)

Ryan Burton (94)- Has been an epic selection for those who were brave enough. Looks safe until the byes at least.


Christian Petracca (45)- Was looking epic a few weeks back but has now come crashing down. Unless he can bring himself back up, you may have to offload him. Straight to Heeney wouldn’t be too bad.

Jay Kennedy-Harris (42)- Another rookie who is going to be a Jarrod Pickett. Bench only!

Fremantle 17.14.116 vs Essendon 11.13.79


Bradley Hill (159)- He’s absolutely loving it at the Dockers and should keep pumping out some nice scores. As a forward he is an interesting option but probably has too many 70s and 80s to be considered.

Lachie Neale (138)- Another… But this time it’s an under-priced one! He is definitely back in the guts and should be a great pick.

Zach Merrett (124)- After being on 78 at half time, Ross decided to put the man himself, Connor Blakely, on Zach Merrett. Merrett was nullified but still had a 46 point half whilst being tagged. Get him in ASAP.


Harley Balic (41)- Not sure what happened to the Harley Balic that we started to get to know but it looked like he played forward a lot. Hopefully he bounces back next week.

David Myers (41)- Definitely was playing as a lockdown defender and after a 25 point first quarter, couldn’t find the easy +6’s for the rest of the game. Still may be the only downgrade target this week, plus could get DPP as the year goes on. We hope.


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Written by Jake Pizzuto (@OTLSJake)

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