AFL Supercoach Captain Predictions – Round 6, 2017

Updated: April 28, 2017

AFL Supercoach Captain Predictions – Round 6

With the Crows flying high, the Cats on their tails and the Tigers mounting a comeback against the Demons, the top 3 are still Geelong, Adelaide and Richmond. With the Giants and Bulldogs nipping at their heels, anything in possible in Round 6. Who would have thought that Sydney, Grand Finalists in 2016, are now 0-5. Their worst start in over 2 decades.

Let’s take a quick look at our captains choices for last week, Round 5.

R. Laird (Adel) – Proj: 109 Scored: 121
T. Adams (Coll) – Proj: 133 Scored: 78
Possible LoopholeS. Docherty (Carl) – Proj: 135 Scored: 93
Docherty getting 24 kicks should have let him score more but with a low contested possession count, he didn’t get above 100. Laird was instrumental to the Crows continued success and is keeping his average high. Was a pity about Adams. His first game under 100 this year was a telling sign of how Collingwood’s performance has gone this year.

L. Shuey (WC) – Proj: 137 Scored: 95
C. Oliver (Melb) – Proj: 122 Scored: 115
Possible LoopholeR. Gray (PA) – Proj: 126 Scored: 139
With West Coast’s poor performance against Hawthorn, it was of no surprise that not a single Eagles player his triple figures. Oliver had a great game against the in-form Richmond and Robbie Gray is almost back to his best again after a few sub par weeks.

S. Martin (Bris) – Proj: 135 Scored: 107
S. Mumford (GWS) – Proj: 141 Scored: 126
Two great selections last week. Martin is one of a few players who have managed to have all 5 games over 100 SC this year, and Mumford is now 2nd in the entire competition for the 3 round average.

T. Nankervis (Rich) – Proj: 120 Scored: 127
J. Macrae (WB) – Proj: 127 Scored: 121
Finally I get the forwards right! Both Macrae and Nankervis had brilliant games on the weekend. Nankervis could have scored 150+ if his disposal efficiency was higher. Only 43% out of 16 disposals.

Potato Farmer
N. Riewoldt (StK) – Proj: 73 Scored: 79
Riewoldt did have a huge drop off in the 4th quarter after Geelong turned on the afterburners, but I’m glad to say that I was right.

With the rookies slowly plateauing and the premiums making their mark, it’s time to check out the Captains of Round 6, 2017.

L. Montagna (StK) – SC Projected: 116
Rd 3 Avg: 111.7
Last 3: 164, 77, 94
Last Score vs. Hawthorn: 110 (R4, 2016)
Montagna always likes playing Hawthorn, especially when you see that his last 3 games against them has an average of 127. The Saints are not favourites to win the Saturday clash but even if they don’t get the 4 points, they will put up a hell of a fight.
Prediction – 129

J. Lloyd (Syd) – SC Projected: 95
Rd 3 Avg: 93.7
Last 3: 99, 98, 84
Last Score vs. Carlton: 89 (R18, 2016)
Sydney needs to have their first win for the season against Carlton and Lloyd is going to be instrumental in their success. The Swans are going to have to get Lloyd to move up the ground and create that extra man in the midfield. If Murphy is a late out, the Swans are going to look to capitise on his absence. 
Prediction – 113

Possible Loophole
Z. Williams (GWS) – SC Projected: 111
Rd 3 Avg: 98.3
Last 3: 109, 90, 96
Last Score vs. Bulldogs: 107 (R9, 2016)
With the Giants now in full swing and Shaw starting to slow his scoring down, the other GWS defender is picking up the slack. Williams is now averaging more than Shaw and has outscored him in the last 4 rounds.
Prediction – 110

T. Rockliff (Bris) – SC Projected: 128
Rd 3 Avg: 128.0
Last 3: 104, 176, 104
Last Score vs. Port Adelaide: 81 (R19, 2016)
The last time Rocky played Port Adelaide early in the season, it was Round 7, 2016. He scored 41 and was put on the sidelines for the next 3 rounds when he was just starting to get his groove back. Since he returned from that injury, he has scored under 100 SC… twice. Rockliff should keep his triple figure run in tact.
Prediction – 144

P. Dangerfield (Geel) – SC Projected: 117
Rd 3 Avg: 116.0
Last 3: 138, 90, 120
Last Score vs. Collingwood: 86 (R9, 2016)
Well, well, well… The prophecy has returned. Dangerfield had his 2nd lowest score last year against the Pies but this year will be different. This year the Pies are a pushover and Dangerfield will take advantage of that. With Selwood running riot last week, expect the tag to come his way, freeing up Dangerfield. 
Prediction – 130

A. Sandilands (Frem) – SC Projected: 87
Rd 3 Avg: 98.3
Last 3: 103, 91, 101
Last Score vs. West Coast: 62 (R20, 2016)
Fremantle against a virtually ruckless West Coast is going to play HUGE dividends for Sandilands. Even if Freo don’t win, the fact is that Sandilands is going to get about 60 hitouts to advantage. 
Prediction – 152

Possible Loophole
S. Mumford (GWS) – SC Projected: 100
Rd 3 Avg: 123.0
Last 3: 97, 137, 135
Last Score vs. Dogs: 84 (R9, 2016)
Mummy has never really had a good record against the Dogs but this year will be different. 2 out of his last 3 games have been less than 90 but he had a great performance in the Preliminary Final. Since Mumford is free of any niggling injuries and the Dogs have had their ruck stocks depleted early in the season, Mumford will be in full swing against them.
Prediction – 129

L. Franklin (Syd) – SC Projected: 99
Rd 3 Avg: 73.7
Last 3: 74, 77, 70
Last Score vs. Carlton: 86 (R13, 2016)
As I said earlier on, Sydney should get their first win of the season here. I also believe that Franklin will kick a bag for the first time this year which will result in triple figures for the first time since Round 2.
Prediction – 121

T. Lynch (GC) – SC Projected: 110
Rd 3 Avg: 119.3
Last 3: 94, 161, 103
Last Score vs. North Melb: 71 (R5, 2016)
The last time Lynch laced up the boots against North Melbourne, he kicked 4 goals, had 12 possessions, but only scored 71. This time he is a more focused forward and is currently averaging over 100. This is in part thanks to the 161 he scored in Round 4, but none-the-less, with North’s chances of the wooden spoon increasing every week, everyone who faces them have increased odds of scoring huge.
Prediction – 134

Possible Loophole
L. Dahlhaus (WB) – SC Projected: 112
Rd 3 Avg: 129.7
Last 2: 124, 145, 120
Last Score vs. GWS: 84 (R9, 2016)
The VC should be firmly on the Dahl this week. He has had a giant last few weeks and is looking to continue that trend. The only bad thing is that he is in 47% of all teams in Supercoach.
Prediction – 133

The Potato Farmer for the week is:
D. Prestia (Rich) – SC Projected: 89
Rd 3 Avg: 76.7
Last 3: 52, 99, 79
Last Score vs. Adelaide: 104 (R9, 2016)
Ironically the Supercoach Gods have agreed with me this week and are judging that Prestia will fail against the Crows. Not only will Prestia fail but by the end of the week he will be facing the selection chop down to the VFL.
Prediction – 61
Written by – Chris Salcole (@OTLS_SC)

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