TAC Cup Scouting Notes: Eastern Ranges v Geelong Falcons

Updated: April 24, 2017

Eastern  8 2 50

Geelong 14 18 102


Best Players: Jaidyn Stephenson, Sam Hayes, Harrison Nolan, Tom North, Lucas Woodward, Tom Hollins

Goal Scorers: Kaleb Van Beek 2, Shaun Lovell 2, Joel Koger, Joel Burleigh, Tom North, Kieran Urquart


Best Players: James Worpel, Cassidy Parish, Bayley Cockerill, Matthew Ling, Ethan Floyd, Harry Benson

Goal Scorers: David Handley 4, Gryan Miers 3, Jordon Reid 2, Lachlan Noble 2, Mitchell Chafer, Rick Read, James Worpel


Eastern Ranges

16. Jaidyn Stephenson

Stephenson had another stand out performance, showing his usual clean hands overhead and ability to find the footy even when outnumbered. Stephenson started the game up forward taking some nice marks overhead even against taller opponents. In the second quarter he was moved into the midfield and he was fantastic, he loved to get involved and he made things happen whenever he was around the ball. Stephenson was quick to use the ball and what’s even better to see is the defensive pressure he applies when not in possession.

18. Sam Hayes

Hayes had

a shaky start in the ruck, mistiming a few of his jumps, but after that he was enormous winning plenty of the ball around the ground and really causing issues for the Geelong talls. Hayes only played the 1sthalf but he was easily one of the stand outs, working hard to win the ball around the ground and looked set for a 20+ posession game if he played the second half.

26. Harrison Nolan

Nolan was strong and tough down back taking plenty of strong marks in defence and using his physicality to keep the Geelong players on their toes. Nolan was confident down back and I feel after being moved around, CHB is his best position and it’s where he provides the most for Eastern. A few kicks missed their mark, but in general his skills where good and he looked confident with ball in hand.

2. Tom North

North toiled hard in the midfield all day, where he won a lot of hard ball and he would have been Eastern’s most consistent player in the midfield. North won some hard ball but a lot of his disposals where under a lot of pressure with many of his kicks being rushed out of a stoppage. North will look a lot better with Cerra, Garner and Moore back in the Eastern midfield, a lot was put on his shoulders today.

Geelong Falcons

38. James Worpel

Worpel went hard all day with his consistent hard work in the midfield a driving force in Geelong’s win. Worpel bashed and crashed all day and he stood up every time showing his great durability and thirst for the contest. Worpel is always trying to keep the game moving and he would feel let down by his kicking which he looked to rectify late in the game. Worpel kicked a great goal and set up a lot of them in the last quarter where things finally started to click and you could see how happy he was that everything started to flow and have some polish. Always looks at his best when streaming through the midfield leaving the opposition in his wake.

42. Cassidy Parish

Parish was super in the contest all day, often on hands and knees dishing the ball out. Again his kicking was inconsistent but his hard work in the stoppages and release by hand was top class. Parish works super hard to get to so many contests, a lot of his running is to help out team mates and he showed a lot of selfless acts on the field. If Parish can tidy up his kicking then you will have a very good player. Comes from a great family with the Parish name hopefully continuing at AFL level.

19. Matthew Ling

Ling has serious speed and dare which he showed on numerous occasions, his ability to stream through the opposition with ease and get the play moving was superb. Ling thinks fast and is always on his toes, he was able to hit the ball at pace and pick up cleanly on the deck, his mix of speed and dare was a nightmare for Eastern and he showed great leadership with a lot of positive talk and support to teammates. Ling’s stocks continue to rise and he has plenty of elite traits AFL clubs are after.

13. Ethan Floyd

Floyd was his usual self intercepting and setting up play from half back. Floyd was incredibly clean in everything he did, he read the ball well in the air with his marking overhead great for his size. Floyd used the ball well finding targets with his laser left boot, his decision making and play making ability is some of the best in this years draft and like Ling, he has done his draft chances no harm.

Written by: Ed Pascoe (@charbox2)

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