Scouting Notes – Victoria Metro v Victoria Country Trials

Updated: April 15, 2017

Ed Pascoe was on hand to watch the trial games seeing Victoria Metro take on Victoria County. The trial games mean we are getting close to the start of the Division 1 Championships. Let’s see who we should be keeping an eye on in the lead up to, and during the Championships.

Game 1

Vic Metro   9 9 63

Vic Country  5 9 39


Best Players: Marcus Lentini, Callum Searle, Angus Styles, Tom North, Tristan Xerri, Ben Caluzzi

Goal Scorers: Tristan Xerri 3, Isaac Morrisby 2, Tom North, Joel Grace, Lachlan Harris, Callum Searle


Best Players: Ethan Floyd, Cassidy Parish, Lloyd Meek, Jacob Atley, Harrison Jones, Angus Schumacher

Goal Scorers: Lloyd Meek 2, Harrison Jones, Bailey Morrish, Bailey Schmidt

Game 2

Vic Metro  6 9 45

Vic Country  10 5 65


Best Players: Adam Cerra, Andrew Brayshaw, Nick Coffield, Max Dreher, Brad Bernacki, Jack Petruccelle

Goal Scorers: Toby Wooler, Matthew Day, Andrew Brayshaw, Alfie Jarnestrom, Nick Coffield, Jack Petruccelle


Best Players: Callan Wellings, Riley D’Arcy, Brent Daniels, Ben Paton, Xavier Duursma, Hayden Elliot

Goal Scorers: Riley D’Arcy 4, Callan Wellings 2, Brent Daniels, Bailey Williams, Jordon Butts, Xavier Duursma

Victoria Metro 

Game 1

Marcus Lentini

Lentini was everywhere, winning the ball all over the ground. He started in the midfield where he won heaps of the ball on the inside and outside. He showed his speed and attack on plenty of occasions. Late in the game he was moved into defence where you would expect he wouldn’t win as much of the ball, when in fact he won even more of the ball showing that he can win the ball anywhere. Lentini’s ball use was usually very good and he used the ball quickly to good affect.

Angus Styles

Styles, despite a quiet start grew into the game and was one of the most influential players in the 2nd half. Styles moves very well and his ability to hit targets under pressure was outstanding, I missed count of the amount of times he would run into traffic and flick out a pass over his head onto his running team mate. Good ball use along with his size and balance make him a very damaging player when he gets his hands on it.

Tristan Xerri

Xerri showed his contested marking ability up forward, the Ruckman who can also go forward showed recruiters he can be flexible with his 3 goals coming from his contested marking and ability to read the ball in flight. Xerri looks a good athlete and he has a nice approach when attacking the ball. The 201cm prospect looks one to watch in this years championships.

Game 2

Adam Cerra

Cerra was at his ball winning best and again, he showed his tenacity to win the hard ball but as usual he worked hard to get the ball on the outside aswell. Cerra was super sharp by hand and his ability to take on tacklers and release to teammates was exceptional. Cerra is a big ball winner and a player that loves the contest and despite not kicking a goal he looked dangerous when moved forward.

Andrew Brayshaw

Brayshaw once again showed his class and composure, with his ball use terrific by hand and foot and showed his cool and calm demeanour with ball in hand. Brayshaw was the most reliable player with ball in hand, rarely making a mistake. Such is his composure, he directs his team mates in to the position he wants them be before disposing of the ball. The sort of game smarts and sense that is unteachable and will have recruiters keeping a close eye on.

Nick Coffield

Coffield was all class down back, damaging with his kicking and his ability to change direction and move through traffic. Coffield is always trying to attack and move the play quickly, he took risks that didn’t always pay off but when they did it usually lead to a scoring opportunity. Coffield just continues to show his class and is a must watch at this years championships .

Victoria Country

Game 1

Ethan Floyd

Floyd was terrific off half back showing his great run and carry to go with his skills, he showed his play making ability and great left foot on multiple occasions. Floyd plays with a lot of confidence, he knows when to come off his opponent and offer good rebound. He is damaging with ball in hand and he showed great pace and ability to take the game on. Floyd is very smart and very clean and with his skill set he looks a player to watch.

Cassidy Parish

Cassidy is the younger brother of Essendon player Darcy, and it’s not hard to tell with his blonde hair and attack on the footy. Parish works hard to win the footy on both the inside and outside, at this stage he is more damaging on the inside with some of his kicking on the run a bit shaky. Parish uses the ball a lot better when he gets momentum on his disposals. He is a natural ball winner and a nice size at 190cm.

Jacob Atley

Another Atley set to play AFL in 2019. Atley is an underager but he already looks the goods with his clean hands overhead and his ability to provide rebound. Atley is super quick and loves to take the game on, he uses his speed both offensively and defensively and he is a nice size already at 189cm, he can play on talls and smalls. He is very committed and a pleasure to watch down back.

Game 2

Callan Wellings

Wellings is an overager who was prolific in the midfield getting a lot of the ball and using it well by hand and foot. Wellings started the game setting up the midfield and directing the younger players, and he was very influential early winning the ball. In the 3rd quarter, with the game in the balance Wellings showed his attacking side kicking two timely goals, one being a long kick outside 50. Wellings is looking to make the most of his second chance in 2017.

Riley D’Arcy

The solid D’Arcy was a real threat up forward, he lead up at the ball hard and he was near impossible to stop on the lead. D’Arcy has a strong frame which he uses to his advantage, he can take impact and quickly dish of cleanly, with his work by hand when the ball hit the ground very good. His 4 goals came from his pure intent to win the footy, both in the air and at ground level. He was also very unselfish and worked well with his team mates up forward.

Brent Daniels

Daniels is a little pocket rocket who uses his speed to his advantage and he uses the ball quickly and efficiently. Daniels started the game very well kicking a nice running goal showing his incredible speed and balance. When in the midfield he used the ball very well by hand and got into some nice spots to receive. He has a good mix of inside and outside ball winning, with his speed and finishing ability make him a very dangerous player.

Written by: Ed Pascoe (@charbox2)

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