Double Header TAC Cup Scouting Notes – Round 2

Updated: April 6, 2017

Ed takes us through his thoughts on the double header which saw Sandrigham take on Northern and Oakleigh and Eastern fight it out in a close contest.

Sandringham Dragons vs Northern Knights

Sandringham Dragons  10 14 74

Northern Knights  7 7 49

Goal Scorers

Sandringham Dragons: Sebastian Williams 3, Joel Amartey 2, Hamish Brayshaw, Isaac Morrisby, Max King, Will Walker, Lucas Barrett

Northern Knights: Patrick Naish 2, Jamison Shea, Sam Binion, Marcus Lentini, Vince Nativo, Nick Coffield

Best Players

Sandringham Dragons: Charlie Constable, Andrew Brayshaw, Sebastian Williams, Ben King, Alfie Jarnestrom, Hamish Brayshaw

Northern Knights: Patrick Naish, Nick Coffield, Marcus Lentini, Jack Petruccelle, Alex Federico, Max Dreher

Sandringham Dragons

  1. Charlie Constable – Midfielder – 190cm

Constable finally showed that extra little bit his game has lacked these past few weeks, finally his kicking hit the mark. It was never about his action, which is sound it was just that little bit more care and on Sunday his kicking was on point. It was long and penetrating and he set up a lot of drive. Constable was enormous winning plenty of the ball and was damaging all over the ground, this was the most impressive I’ve seen him where he finally got to show what he can add on the outside not just his usual inside dominance.

  1. Andrew Brayshaw – Midfielder – 183cm

Brayshaw once again showed his class with ball in hand. He continues to show what we know about him, he never looks flustered and his work by hand and foot was as impressive as ever. His brother Hamish was able to handle a lot of the inside work which left Andrew to have a field day on the outside where his class proved too much for the Northern Knights midfield. Brayshaw will prove to be a massive part in this team winning back to back premierships.

  1. Sebastian Williams – Small Forward – 179cm

Williams starting the game totally switched on and he caught the Knights unawares with a scintillating first quarter where he kicked two exciting goals and was involved in so many more during the game. Williams used the ball extremely well with his clean and quick hands giving the opposition no hope, with his speed he is hard to stop and when he hits the ball at pace and takes it as cleanly as he does, it makes him that more dangerous. Williams also showed he could put plenty of pressure on and he really set the standard up forward with his class and speed.

  1. Ben King – Key Defender – 201cm

Not to be outdone by his brother this week, Ben had a field day down back making it near impossible for the Northern forwards to get a clean mark inside 50. King just read the ball better all game cutting off plenty of scoring opportunities while also providing great rebound and his pace is incredible for his size. His confidence to take off and create run from defence, for a tall underage player is outstanding. King’s stocks keep rising and he looks a certain top prospect in 2018.

  1. Alfie Jarnestrom – Midfielder – 177cm

It’s not hard to see why Jarnestrom was included in the leadership group, his leadership and ability to lift when the team needs it was on show on Sunday. Jarnestrom is a tough little player, but he also has a deadly left foot often looking eerily similar to former Dragon and current Essendon gun Zach Merrett. Jarnestrom’s abilty to win the hard ball but also hit incredible passes under pressure was first rate and he was a key player in their victory on Sunday.

Northern Knights

  1. Patrick Naish (F/S)– Midfielder – 180cm

Naish just continues to impress, his class and composure once again on show and he continues to hit the scoreboard. Naish has an incredible set shot record in the early rounds with his goals on Sunday just sublime. It’s a great thing to be able and go back and just kick those important goals and it would seem Naish is a player who is meant for those big moments. Naish showed his terrific dash and agility all over the ground, it was great to see him taking risks and trying to swing the game in the Knights favor. Naish is a star and an exciting prospect for Tigers fans.

  1. Nick Coffield – Half Back – 190cm

Although Coffield wasn’t the match winner this week it wasn’t from a lack of effort. Late in 3rd he kicked a timely goal showing he has that ability to lift in big moments and he is everything you would want in a captain. Coffield spent most of his time in the back half this week with his movement in traffic and pin point skills from defence again on show. Coffield is just a class act and an appealing play style that looks like it would work well at AFL level. Coffield has looked great at both ends, but it would be interesting to see how he would fare through the midfield.

  1. Marcus Lentini – Midfielder – 183cm

Lentini was a workhorse on Sunday, winning a tonne of the ball on the inside and outside. His clean hands in the stoppages were great, and he worked just as hard on the outside to get the play moving. Lentini was efficient by hand for most of the game with a few handballs a little rushed late in the game but that is a slight nitpick on his game which overall was everything you could ask for from a midfielder

  1. Jack Petruccelle – Medium Forward – 184cm

Petruccelle showed a lot of his trademark dash with some exciting passages of play when he would take the ball under his arm and really take the game on. Something to really like about Petruccelle is how hard he works to put pressure on and as a forward there isn’t much more you could ask for in that regard. Petruccelle is still learning the game after coming from a basketball background and he obviously needs to find a way to become more dangerous up forward, but the signs look very good and he can only get better.

  1. Max Dreher – Midfielder – 183cm

After starring at half back last week, Dreher was able to get more midfield minutes on Sunday where he showed a lot of class. A strong feature of his game, was his ability to win the hard ball while also providing solid ball use on the outside. For his development it was good to see him get some more midfield time, but for the team it was evident that they struggled to clear the ball efficiently out of defense with Penrith playing forward and in the end too much was left to Coffield and Naylor who also had to contend with Sandringham’s talented tall forwards. Dreher is an important part in this team making finals again.

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