TAC Cup – Round 2 Murray Bushrangers vs Gippsland Power Scouting Notes

Updated: April 3, 2017

Murray Bushrangers  7 13 55

Gippsland Power  4 7 31

Goal Scorers

Murray Bushrangers: Jessy Wilson 2, Dave Smith, Matt Walker, Isaac Wallace, Ben Kelly, Angus Hicks

Gippsland Power: Sean Masterson 2, Callum Porter, Will Stephenson

Best Players

Murray Bushrangers: Jordon Butts, Harrison Jones, Ben Paton, Joe Richards, Doulton Langlands, Jessy Wilson

Gippsland Power: Xavier Duursma, Callum Porter, Sean Masterson, Changkuoth Jiath, Aidan Quigley, Travis Bindley

Goals where hard to come by with some gettable chances from both teams being missed. This game was very scrappy, with many forward entries for both teams being intercepted constantly. Both midfields toiled hard and there was some great attack on the footy.  Not the best standard of footy, but expect both teams to start hitting their strides later in the year.

Murray Bushrangers

Jordon Butts – Key Defender/Forward – 195cm

Butts marked everything in his path, and looking strong in defence taking countless strong intercept marks and was willing to run off and provide rebound. Butts, with Garoni going down with an injury was sent forward in the 2nd half. He missed a few shots but his work on the lead was still impressive and he showed he could be capable at both ends. Butts was one day away from being eligible for next years draft and he certainly has a lot of scope for improvement.

Harrison Jones – Midfielder –  183cm

Jones was a workhorse in the middle all day working hard on the inside and outside, he was sharp by hand and was always on the move and being active around the stoppages. There are times when he could show more composure by foot and if he can tidy up this area he will become a much more dangerous player. Jones has a great work ethic and plays unselfish and tough footy which I can see would endear him to his teammates and coaches.

Ben Paton – Half Back – 185cm

Paton was enormous down back taking plenty of intercept marks and providing some great rebound with his run and long kicking. Paton reads the play very well and has good clean hands overhead, he moves well and is quick after the first few steps. Paton missed out a lot of last year with an injury and is now playing as a 19-year old. Physically he has an advantage over some of the top-agers but can’t take that away from a commanding performance and he has backed up last weeks effort.

Doulton Langlands – Half Back – 187cm

Langlands had a rough start early in the game with a few fumbles and running over the ball, but as the game went on he really started to hit his stride and provide some great rebound for Murray. Langlands showed some of his great skill and speed taking some dashing runs and getting a lot of one two ball, he was slick by hand and foot and he is such a good mover when in possession. He managed to pull off some fantastic spoils against taller opponents and it is easy to see Langlands improve at a rapid rate as the year goes on.

Joe Richards – Small Forward – 176cm

Richards was a livewire up forward showing plenty of speed and winning plenty of hard footy. Richards is super quick and hits the crumbed ball hard and at pace and he is extremely hard to stop when he gets running. Richards had a mixed bag with his kicking sometimes fantastic and other times just rushing it a bit. Richards has a lot of hunger for the footy and will work hard to get first to the ball despite being 5 metres behind the closest player, he just doesn’t give up.

Gippsland Power

Xavier Duursma – Wing/Half Back – 184cm

Duursma isn’t eligible until the 2018 draft, but he certainly looks an exciting prospect. Duurmsa had the ball on a string early, he reads the play really well and he has great clean hands both overhead and at ground level. He used the ball efficiently by hand and foot and took his marks all over the ground. Duursma was involved in a lot of link up play, he knows where he has to be to win the ball and he can only improve from here.

Callum Porter – Midfielder – 181cm

Porter was super tough in the middle winning plenty of contested ball and tackled hard all day. Porter is fantastic in the stoppages, able to win his own ball but also hit targets on the outside. He is a neat kick and excellent user by hand. Porter showed he is capable up forward with some great marks and pressure acts. Porter plays hard and fast footy and would have claims to be Gippsland’s best tackler.

Sean Masterson – Key Defender/Forward – 192cm

Masterson is an overage player for Gippsland, but still has plenty of development and going by this game he could yet find a club at the end of the year. Masterson started in defence showing some great closing speed and giving young star forward Hudson Garoni a real tough time, he took plenty of intercept marks and used his body well, despite still having a lighter frame. After Garoni was injured Masterson was moved forward where he showed his excellent hands and cool composed ball use. Masterson has good speed for his size and great hands and certainly a player to watch this year.

Changkuoth Jiath – Medium Forward – 185cm

Jiath looked to break the game apart on heaps of occasions showing his fantastic speed and agility and overhead marking. Jiath is a great mover with excellent speed and agility, he can avoid tacklers with ease. Jiath took some strong marks showing how clean he is overhead and a lot of those makrs where under pressure. Jiath had countless shots at goal but let himself down with his inaccuracy, and if he had of converted some of his opportunities the result could have been very different. If Jiath converts his opportunities, he is easily best on ground. A super talent in 2017, who could be anything.

Aidan Quigley – Medium Forward – 183cm

The Gippsland captain had a rough time up forward with supply not being great, he had to work hard for every touch. Quigley showed some great speed and would take the ball at full pace and being super clean by hand. Quigley took plenty of marks on the lead and will trouble a lot of defenders with his speed and marking ability. The is scope to see him spend more time in the midfield or even off half back to free him up, should he be shut down or the game isn’t going the way of the Power.

Written by: Ed Pascoe (@charbox2)

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