TAC Cup – Round 1 Sandringham vs Oakleigh

Updated: March 29, 2017

In the end it was the Sandringham talls that were too much for Oakleigh, despite the best efforts from a workhorse midfield, Oakleigh couldn’t match the fire power that Sandringham had. Oakleigh had one of their star defenders, Ed Richards come off with injury early which didn’t help but credit to Sandringham for playing tough and efficient football.

Sandringham 17 9 111

Oakleigh 8 8 56

Goal Scorers

Sandringham: Max King 4, Isaac Morrisby 2, Zac Barrett 2, Aaron Trusler 2, Andrew Brayshaw, Will Walker, Charlie Constable, Hayden McLean, Sebastian Williams, Sam Cameron, Devlin Brereton

Oakleigh: Hugh Longbottom 2, Charlie Whitehead 2, Jordan Troiani, Tom O’Sullivan, Toby Wooler, Nathan Boucher

Best Players

Sandringham: Andrew Brayshaw, Max King, Charlie Constable, Ben King, Quintin Montanaro, Lachlan Harris

Oakleigh: Charlie Thompson, Jack Higgins, Ethan Phillips, Noah Answerth, Nathan Boucher, Matthew Day

Sandringham Dragons

  1. Andrew Brayshaw – 183cm – Midfield

Brayshaw was classy and prolific in the midfield winning his possessions all over the ground. Brayshaw was cool and composed and deadly by hand and foot, at times he showed he had a little speed as well getting separation from his opponents. He did the defensive stuff as well laying plenty of tackles. He was everywhere all game and he is one that will only get better the more he plays.

  1. Max King – 201cm – Key Forward

Max was unstoppable up forward with his vice like hands and attack on the ball also a feature. Max is near impossible to stop when he gets a run and jump at the ball, he uses his body well and at 201cm, a great reach and good hands he looks to be a nightmare for defenders for years to come. For a big guy, he showed his agility with some fantastic run down tackles and was in the face of the defenders, proving he doesn’t need the ball to have an influence on the game.

  1. Charlie Constable – 190cm – Midfield

Constable did everything you could want from your big inside midfielder, he was super clean in the clearances and he got plenty of the ball all over the ground. Constable is enormous in the contest with his big body and clean hands giving his teammates good supply on the outside, but at times looked a little rushed with his disposal. In saying this, he does use the ball well, with a solid technique which was on show as he kicked a long goal outside 50m late in the game. Constable is always improving and if he can lift up his disposal efficiency he could rocket up the draft order.

  1. Ben King – 201cm – Key Defender

Ben was the general in defense taking some great intercept marks and getting the better of highly rated prospect Toby Wooler on a few occasions. Ben has terrific skills for his size and he has great speed being able to provide good rebound. He reads the play well and he looks another top prospect in 2018.

  1. Quintin Montanaro – 187cm – Wing

Montanaro had scouts talking early in the game with his impressive skills and ability to find the ball in dangerous positions and use it well by hand and foot. Montanaro doesn’t waste time with the ball he thinks quickly and uses it effectively, which was on show moving the ball inside 50. Montanaro is good overhead with a decent leap, he took some great marks and provided some quality defensive spoiling when defending. What makes Montanaro a good prospect is his size and agility to influence a game in different ways across the ground.

 Oakleigh Chargers

  1. Charlie Thompson – 183cm – Midfield

Thompson provided Oakleigh with a lot of spark with his toughness and speed on show, he was a consistent and classy performer all day. Thompson has a lot of power and a decent burst of speed with this on show attacking the ball and leaving the opposition in his wake. With the speed Thompson possesses, he is very composed with ball in hand and makes the right decision by foot or hand. He has a nice mix of toughness, smarts and skill and it would be interesting to see how Thompson goes closer to goal to see him become even more dangerous.

  1. Jack Higgins – 178cm – Midfield

Higgins had the ball on a string as he won plenty of the ball all over the ground. There has been talk of Higgins lack of defending but early in the game he laid some great chase down tackles and seeing him work behind the ball to give the defense some drive was good to see. Higgins isn’t a long kick and he chose the small dinky kick a little too often but his smarts and quick thinking with his kicking still make them effective more often than not.

  1. Ethan Phillips – 195cm – Key Defender

Phillips was brilliant down back winning plenty of intercept and contested marks. Proving to be the general in defense with constructive talk and supportive back up for the half backs to run off their men. Phillips was good with ball in hand and looks very assured which goes hand in hand with the confidence he gives his teammates to zone off and intercept. Every defence needs a general and this could see clubs looking very hard at Phillips at the end of the year.

  1. Noah Answerth – 183cm – Half Back

Answerth would have to be one of the toughest players in the TAC and is courageous and never shies away from a contest hitting them at full pace. Answerth was all about attack whether that was attacking the ball, the contest or going for a run and running through anyone that stood in his way. Answerth is quick to shut down dangerous smalls, while providing rebound run himself. Used mostly down back, he did spend time in the middle where he looked just as good. Answerth is quickly becoming one of my favorite players to watch.

  1. Nathan Boucher – 170cm – Wing

Boucher made the wing his own again, with his run and carry and smart ball use once again on show. Boucher ran hard all day, and puts everything into winning the ball or tackling the player who has it. Although not as polished with his disposal as he usually is, he still had plenty of influence winning a lot of hard ball and providing fantastic run and carry. Does everything you want for a wingman, covering the whole ground working hard at both ends of the ground.

Written by: Ed Pascoe (@charbox2)

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