TAC Cup – Round 1 Murray Bushrangers vs Bendigo Pioneers

Updated: March 27, 2017

In a contest that was close to half time, Murray began to provide far more link up and run across the ground, seeing them come away quite convincing victors over Bendigo.

Murray 13 13 91

Bendigo 5 10 40

Goal Scorers

Murray: Jessy Wilson 2, Nathan Oakes 2, Joe Richards 2, Hudson Garoni 2, Dave Smith 2, Floyd Bollinghaus, Nick Richards, Joshua Flight

Bendigo: Daine Grace 2, Lewin Davis 2, Coby McCarthy

Best Players

Murray: Will Donaghey, Hudson Garoni, Nathan Oakes, Jessy Wilson, Harrison Jones, Dave Smith

Bendigo: Paddy Dow, Tom Campbell, Kane Farrell, Angus Schumacher, Jacob Atley, Jose Miliado


  1. Will Donaghey – 191cm – Half Back

Donaghey provided terrific run from defense and his kicking was sublime. Donaghey racked up plenty of possessions down back running to good spots and working hard to receive. Donaghey was involved in many marking contests and that may be something opposition clubs will target, but Donaghey is so good at zoning off and setting up play that it’s hard to keep him under wraps. Donaghey is proving to be one of the most damaging defenders in the TAC competition.

  1. Harrison Jones – 183cm – Midfield

Jones got a heap of the ball and he works hard on the inside and outside, setting up a lot of Murray’s forward movement. His kicking was a mixed bag, but was good more often than not. Jones’ skills and smarts in general are very good and has a nice mix between winning his own ball on the inside, as well as working into space to receive and be a link up.

  1. Hudson Garoni – 193cm – Key Forward

Garoni was a powerhouse up forward and had an incredible and competitive duel with Bendigo’s Tom Campbell. Garoni showed his incredible contested marking ability, as well as providing a quality option on the lead. While playing as a key tall, Garoni is quite agile once the ball hits the ground, and his work rate to keep the ball inside 50 once at ground level was on show here. Along with this, his kicking and awareness to hit a target was sublime. While not eligible to be drafted until 2018, Garoni looks set to have recruiters keeping a close eye on him in 2017.

  1. Nathan Oakes – 184cm – Midfield

Oakes is as tough as they come, he won a lot of the hard ball and even pushed forward as the game went on and showed he can be damaging on the outside. Oakes doesn’t flinch at a contest with his attack on the ball on show, his work in the clearances was great showing good vision by hand. Oakes looks a confidence player and once it’s up, he is hard to stop.

  1. Jessy Wilson – 184cm – Forward

Wilson is a smooth mover and uses his body extremely well up forward. Wilson took some great contested marks, which is a credit to his body positioning in the contest. Wilson’s hands are strong in the air, but he is just as strong at ground level, and once he is a part of the contest, he makes the ball his. The left foot of Wilson is a long and penetrating one, and to go with this he makes good decisions and the ball is likely to end up with another Bushranger. Wilson could prove to be a draft bolter as the year goes on.


  1. Paddy Dow – 184cm – Midfield

Dow showed his class in the center getting plenty of the ball and using it well. Dow is a smooth mover with great agility in the stoppages and shows a cool and calm head, his skill by hand and foot is first class and did great work on the outside. One passage on play that stood out saw Dow take a nice mark and quickly play on, taking a bounce and then a lovely pass forward. Dow is tough and everything he does is quality and he looks like one of the more complete midfielders in this years draft.

  1. Kane Farrell – 180cm – Wing/Forward

Farrell showed his lethal left foot and clean hands in a classy display. Farrell was quiet early, but worked into the game well and Bendigo look much better when it’s in Farrell’s hands. He is an elite kick and could probably run past for the handball more instead of waiting for the ball to come to him. While Farrell’s inside game needs work, it won’t matter as much if he can continue winning the ball on the outside where he is most damaging.

  1. Tom Campbell – 192cm – Key Defender

Campbell was a rock in defense and he had a great competitive contest with Murray’s, Hudson Garoni. Campbell was terrific one on one taking some great contested and intercept marks. Generally picked the right option but was sometimes lazy by foot, he should iron this out as the year goes on. Campbell has a great competitive attitude which will hold him well for the season.

  1. Jacob Atley – 189cm – Half Back

Atley was great in defense showing his trademark dash and evasiveness. He attacked and defended to a high quality, he provided some terrific defensive chase, even taking down Murray’s Dave Smith who is lightning fast.  Atley loves to attack and will take the ball under his arm and doge and weave players with ease. He has speed and dare from half back which clubs love, and he looks to follow in his brothers (Joe and Shaun) footsteps in the 2018 draft.

  1. Angus Schumacher – 189cm – Midfield

Schumacher was classy and composed in the midfield going in hard and winning the ball on the outside as well. Schumacher is usually classy, but he showed a real hard edge with some fantastic attack on the ball and some very good tackling efforts, he still needs to win more of the ball but when he did get it he was skillful and composed. Schumacher is a great mark overhead and he took some great marks all over the ground and looks a constant threat for Bendigo this year.


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