Studs and Duds- Round 1 Weekly Wrap

Updated: March 27, 2017

Studs and Duds- Weekly Wrap Round One

Each week I will bring the studs and duds from the weekend’s AFL Fantasy and Real Dream Team games. Make sure you vote for the biggest stud and dud of the week as well down the bottom!


Carlton (14.5.89) vs Richmond (20.12.132)



Marc Murphy (139)- Well Marc Murphy absolutely gave it to those who started with him, to then later trade him after a poor JLT. Whilst not picking Murphy was probably still the right pick, you would be sweating after watching his game tonight if you were a previous option. Well done if you backed him in, but don’t get too excited.

Kade Simpson (126)- Every single year, we overlook Simpson, and make the excuse of “there are younger, better players out there”. Well every single year, until the day he retires, Kade Simpson will be a top 6 defender so don’t hesitate to make him a preferred upgrade target at the back.

Matthew Kreuzer (120)- After an incredible JLT series, Kreuzer dominated the first game of the season and is looming as a serious option in the ruck. He will be the number one ruckman for a while and hopefully the sole ruckman, so moving a forward (maybe Nank with his DPP?) or a ruck straight to the big $450k rucman actually looks like a safe move. Brilliant pick for those who backed him!

Caleb Marchbank (78)- After just a 13-point first quarter, many coaches would’ve been wondering why they spent the extra $50k on him. However, Marchbank was on fire for the rest of the game and even after a price rise, is a top target for this week if you don’t currently own him. Should be one of the best cash cows this year.

Dustin Martin (139)- What a POD this would’ve been. It is a great sight watching Dusty go bonkers when he is sitting in your team, but what bad feeling knowing that you don’t have him. A chance to pick up fwd status again after kicking four goals is quite high so waiting until round six is probably the best move.

Daniel Butler (72)- Looked very good compared to his JLT games but don’t make him a priority rookie trade-in behind Hannan. Not sure whether he is safe on the field, but is certainly impressing more than the likes of Taranto and Kennedy.


Jarrod Pickett (30)- Well this just wasn’t good. Stick him at M10 or F8 and he surely can’t do any harm. Just make sure you put him nowhere near your field.

Josh Caddy (61)- For those who picked him even after a horrendous JLT, then you should probably trade if you can. Doesn’t look like he’ll get much mid time.

Bachar Houli (47)- Probably the worst premium you can pick these days. If you do have him, then hold… next week he’ll go 130, you watch.


Collingwood 12.14.86 vs Bulldogs 15.10.100



Taylor Adams (151)- Take a bow Taylor. Adams is easily the best defender available and is probably the biggest must have in Fantasy right now. If you don’t have him, then upgrade a defender to him ASAP!

Scott Pendlebury (135)- Mr Consistent started off his season brilliantly and whilst not being a ‘must have’ he should be in your plans by the end of the season. Well done if you backed him in.

Adam Treloar (125)- Treloar is simply a ball magnet. If he could get a few more tackles he would be the perfect fantasy midfielder, but either way, he should be a top upgrade target for coaches.

Will Hoskin-Elliot (95)- WHE was superb even with just one tackle. He should rise a fair bit this week but if you are downgrading an underperforming mid-pricer then WHE looks like your guy to go to. Don’t expect these scores each week but he certainly rewarded those who stuck by him throughout the pre season.

Jackson Macrae (116)- Macrae taught us all a lesson to stay strong during the JLT. Whilst many traded him after having him all season (including myself), Macrae proved that he is an essential part of your team. Top priority forward!!

Jason Johannisen (109)- JJ looked super good and could be a great POD defender if you pick him up early. It looks like he will have a great role for the Bulldogs and should push for top 6 defender. Hard to pick him with guys like Simpson and Adams tearing it up, but go for it if you want to be a little different.


Tom Boyd (37)- Let’s be honest, this was never going to end well for fantasy coaches. He is a must trade if you did decide to back him in. Let’s just hope there are no injuries you have to deal with.


St.Kilda 13.12.90 vs Melbourne 18.12.120



Jack Steele (94)- Steele really found himself late in his first game at the Saints. Even though he didn’t attend a lot of centre bounces, he was always in the guts, which is quickly making him one of, if not the best mid pricers available. Good option to bring in this week if you have the luxury.

Jordan Lewis (119)- Lewis put on a classy show for Dees fans, with 32 disposals. A nice little POD if you did pick him, but when upgrading mids, Rocky, Danger, Merrett, Treloar and Titch are the guys you want to go for.

Max Gawn (111)- Gawn put on an honourable performance, after going down to the rooms with a bad back. Gawn marched on to get a great round one score and if Spencer isn’t named next week then Gawn is your number one ruc target.

Mitch Hannan (88)- Has probably been the biggest surprise rookie so far, for a basement priced fwd who barely any coaches had. 16 disposals and two goals is a strong indication that Hannan can average 60+ this season so is probably the best rookie to get on this week, if that is the way you will be making your trades.

Alex Neal-Bullen (110)- With 23 disposals, 5 marks, 6 tackles and 1 goal 3 behinds, Neal-Bullen is looking like the best scoring rookie option, albeit at $288k. The problem here is firstly his job security, and secondly his price. He has weaker JS than the likes of WHE, Ainsworth, and even maybe Hannan, as well as costing you a little bit more to get to him. High risk, high reward for Neal-Bullen.


Sam Weideman (45)- Was the only real let down in this game, potentially along with Billings (75). This is what you can expect from Weideman so if you don’t have Hannan, moving Weideman to him  should be an alright move.


Sydney 12.10.82 vs Port Adelaide 17.8.110


JPK (118)- Like Lewis, when upgrading mids, it is better to go straight to the top. JPK is an epic POD though so if you are really keen, don’t hesitate.

Lance Franklin (110)- With 4 goals, 2, Franklin proved that he can still score when the Swans aren’t winning, and this is a huge plus for coaches. He is looking likely to be the 3rd best fwd behind Dahlhaus and Macrae so seriously consider Buddy if you’re choosing a fwd.

Zak Jones (96)- Jones was on 74 at half time… 74! He was playing as an inside mid and was absolutely racking it up. In the 3rd quarter though, he went back into defence to score 0 for the quarter, followed by a decent 22 in the last term when moved back into the guts. The obvious problem with him is his role, and with Heeney likely back soon, it is unlikely he can hold down a mid spot. Tread with caution.

Ollie Wines (110)- A few people were starting with Wines and he has always been a really good POD. Yet again, try and get straight to the big 5 which was mentioned above, however if you can’t quite afford that, then Wines is a great shout.

Sam Powell-Pepper (71)- Scored 3 goals in what was an electrifying performance by him. What is concerning, is if you take away those goals he goes back into the 50’s, which isn’t enough for a rookie at that price. Picking him up maybe isn’t the right move but obviously hold if you have him. Should still make a good amount of cash.


Callum Mills (67)- A huge let down for owners including myself. Seriously consider downgrading this week as downgrading mid pricers/premiums is the only way to make cash at this stage of the season. There are a range of good rookies available as well, such as McGrath, Marchbank, Hoskin-Elliot and Ainsworth.

Dan Hannebery (49)- This probably would’ve been the most frustrating thing for owners to watch, Hanners looked out of it and this resulted in a dreadful score. Keep an eye on him though because he will be dirt cheap in a few weeks.

Robbie Gray (21)- What the hell happened here? 92% TOG suggests that he just sat forward the whole game which could mean dpp in round 6. He will be absolutely ripe for the picking at that time so hopefully he can gain fwd status. With that kind of scoring though, we probably wouldn’t consider him anyway.

Brett Eddy (17)- If you thought Pickett was bad, Eddy took it to a whole new level! Sitting on 1 at Half Time, coaches who fielded him would’ve been absolutely fuming. How does a full forward kick no goals in a 17-goal performance!? You’ll have to dig up a bit of cash to upgrade him when he drops in price but surely we have to? Hopefully you didn’t field him…


Essendon 17.14.116 vs Hawthorn 12.19.91


Dyson Heppell (156)- Well this was just insulting. After most coaches had him all pre season, he goes and gives us a putrid JLT, and then follows up with a 156! If you held then well done, but if you didn’t, he may have to come back in soon, especially while he’s still relatively underpriced.

Zach Merrett (129)- Merrett didn’t slow down one bit with the banned bombers back and stamped his authority in the top 3 Fantasy mids. He is a top upgrade target if you already own Danger and Rocky so get him in ASAP.

Jobe Watson (122)- Watson continues to prove us all wrong. If you were brave enough to do it then that is an awesome move, but bringing him in now will take some guts.

Andrew McGrath (96)- He did the exact same thing that Heppell did to us. Any danger of showing something in JLT? If he can do that each week, then we have to trade him in right now, which should be strongly considered for this week. Legendary performance by the debutant.

Tom Mitchell (128)- Titch is easily the next pig. He was everywhere tonight and there are no signs of that changing throughout the rest of the season. Everyone already has him though.. right?

Jarryd Roughead (79)- Didn’t have a sensational fantasy game but well done on getting back out there Roughy. Great person, and he is also close to a must have this season.


Jaeger O’Meara (65)- Just couldn’t quite get back into it however we have to remember that this is his first game in quite a while. Give him some leeway over the next few rounds.


Gold Coast 14.12.96 vs Brisbane 15.8.98


Touk Miller (109)- A stat released by Fantasy Freako about Touk’s scores with Gaz playing, scared many fantasy coaches, which forced Touk to have just 8.79% ownership. He will push for top 6 fwd and is the next best option if you can’t afford Macrae, dahlhaus or Franklin.

Jarrod Witts (104)- Had a bit of pre season hype after the move from Collingwood, and he delivered! Picking him, will probably not end well though so it’s probably best to stay away.

Ben Ainsworth (86)- Put his hand up in this game to try and warrant selection over the likes of Hoskin-Elliot and Taranto this week. He showed something completely different to what he showed in JLT however WHE still looks like a better pick. If you’re rocking with 3 fwd rookies, then Ainsworth is a serious option.

Tom Rockliff (127)- This is why you never doubt the pig. Get him in ASAP and don’t think about it for the rest of the year.

Dayne Zorko (116)- Who picked Dayne Zorko as a POD? Well it certainly worked. He was on fire early and continued to finish off a great game. Go for those top 5 mids first, but then Zorko could be a decent shout.


Jack Bowes (46)- Really unfortunate if you got sucked in by his name being on the team sheet. Trade this week if you have the luxury, because WHE/ Anisworth should be ready to go again next week.

Jake Barrett (56)- Bit harsh putting him in here however when you’re being relied on to score 65+, that is what we need. Should be better in the next few weeks however buying a more expensive rookies looks like a smart move.


North Melbourne 13.15.93 vs West Coast 21.10.136


Andrew Gaff (144)- He finally looks like he can have a super consistent and high scoring season. Get on board if you can because he could be 110+ this season. Seriously consider him.

Elliot Yeo (120)- Don’t read much into this, Yeo is surely on everybody’s never again list and that shouldn’t be changing until he’s gone a month of footy over 90 each week.

Sam Mitchell (111)- A POD who is worth considering. Mitchell may not be as good as other premiums which is why it is still best to upgrade higher, however he could be an option if you like him. Probably a waste of a mid spot though.

Jack Redden (110)- Was anyone brave enough to rock with Redden? Well if you were, super good job there, especially if you picked him over Swallow. Track his next couple of games but I doubt he can keep this form.


Declan Mountford (44)- Arguably, the two best basement priced players in Mountford and Barrett both had poor games to what we were expecting. Expensive rookies may have been the way to go in the end, so getting Mountford off your field should be on your to do list.

Marley Williams (38)- Had a little bit of pre season hype after leaving the Pies, but just isn’t going to be good this season. If he did manage to find a way into your team, then Zak Jones and Andrew McGrath are your best bets.

Mitchell Hibberd (24)- Hibberd did a complete Brett Eddy and Jarrod Pickett combo with just 1 point at half time, which was totally unexpected. It is likely that he will get dropped so keep an eye on Ed Vickers-Willis for next week.


Adelaide 22.15.147 vs GWS 14.7.91


Rory Laird (142)- Along with Adams, he simply has to be locked into your defence. He is consistent, has a high ceiling and is a joy to watch as an owner. A true legend.

Rory Atkins (114)- After a really solid JLT, Atkins was a late in for Tex Walker, and he delivered big time. Priced at roughly 460k (after fantasy opens), he may be a little too expensive, however if you desperately need a sub-500k mid then Atkins could be a decent shout. Job security is a huge concern though.


Rory Sloane (68)- Super unfortunate if Sloane was your POD however don’t get too disheartened. There is no reason as to why he can’t get back to form next week and he should be at a great price in a few weeks for non owners.

Sam Jacobs (65)- Not many coaches would have started with Sauce considering the team announcements concerning Stef and Gawn, but if you did, then a move to one of these two if the best choice.

Andy Otten (37)- After some really nice JLT scores, Otten disappointed the many coaches who fielded him, including myself. It wasn’t entirely his fault as he was playing as a key defender the whole game, with little chances to get those +6’s. Try and get him off your field but it may be difficult with Hibberd and Stewart as the only other choices.

Tim Taranto (38)- A really poor first game could lead to an omission next week. GWS may give him another chance to impress, and that may be the best option for us to. Spending 250k on a rookie, means you have to give him another week and hope for the best.


Fremantle 10.13.73 vs Geelong 18.7.115


Nathan Fyfe (110)- Did everything he could to lift the Dockers however sat forward a lot when the game was all tied up. Could be really big this season when he plays in the guts the whole game. Should be in everyone’s team.

Patrick Dangerfield (118)- Was basically playing full forward for half the game and when he has some better defenders against him, its hard to see him kicking three goals each week to give him a good score. A little less than what was expected but don’t panic one bit.

Zach Tuohy (101)- Tuohy had a brilliant second half and proved to be a much stronger selection than Callum Mills. Bringing him in though may not be the best move though as without that last minute goal, he would’ve been sitting on 27 at HT. Be careful with Tuohy.


Tom Stewart (42)- Was the last hope for our basement defenders and unfortunately didn’t deliver. Played well enough to stay in the 22 and showed enough to start on your field ahead of Otten. That’s still not an ideal situation of course.

Jackson Thurlow (37)- A late inclusion probably saved a few coaches from making the mistake of starting with him. It was nice knowing you Jackson.


Stud of the Week:

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Written by Jake Pizzuto (@aflfantasy2k17)

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