Underdogs guide for Rookie Coaches: How to use the rolling lockout to your advantage

Updated: March 9, 2017

Hold those trades people!

As we creep closer to tonight’s match between the Bulldogs and the Roosters, many of you will have already done your trades for this week and have them locked in. Whilst it’s tempting to do so, there is very little benefit in doing both trades prior to the commencement of the rolling lockout. And if you do so, you may seriously regret it.

Once the rolling lockout begins TRADES CANNOT BE REVERSED – We have all seen the post’s and probably been guilty of asking the question at some point in our rookie coaching career’s; It’s Friday and most of my team hasn’t played yet, why can’t I reverse trades? The answer is simple, once Thursday night’s game kicks off if you have done any trading these decisions cannot be reversed!

However trades CAN be made throughout the rolling lockout provided that the player you are trading out (and any Dual Position player substitutions you need to make to facilitate the trade) and the player you are trading in HAVE NOT played yet.

There are heaps of benefits to trading during the lockout period and its integral this year more than ever with the Team List situation being as clear as mud.

Tonight’s game for example between Bulldogs and Roosters has very little Supercoach relevance. Unless you are trading a Bulldogs or Roosters player IN or OUT then there is no need to do your trades today.  Warriors, Storm, Cowboys and Bronco’s all play on Friday night so by holding your trades you will be able to see the final team  lists for these games as well as assess any weather considerations (its pissing down in NZ at the moment) before deciding whether to trade in someone like Charlie Gubb for example.

Holding onto your trades through lockout is also beneficial as it gives you a free look at how some of the games have played out in the round thus far. This is particularly important for Head to Head match ups later in the season. For example if you can see you are falling behind your opponent in your Gameday matchup you may consider trading in a Higher Risk//Higher Reward winger/half instead of targeting a safer player who may only get you 60 points and not get you the win.

Holding onto your trades through lockout is particularly important when there is some uncertainty over your trade in target. Many of you will be looking to unload Dylan Phythian this week for example. If you have him at reserve fullback you may be keen on trading him to either Moses Suli or Braidon Burns by swapping Tommy Turbo to the fullback position.

There is absolutely no reason this trade cannot wait until Saturday afternoon at the earliest when the Knights play (and Phythian will be locked), as the Tigers, Rabbitohs and Manly all play after this. By waiting you can have greater insight into whether Burns or Suli will actually lineup in the final team lists. Players get injured in  captain’s runs and pre game warm ups all the time so don’t get caught out and stuck trading in a player on Thursday who gets dropped/injured on Saturday if you don’t have too!

For those with the Python at hooker reserve (like me) you may be considering trading him to either Kaysa Pritchard or Jayden Brailey. With the uncertainty around both these guys job security (with the Seggy Rumours and Issac De Gois still battling on) it’s a no brainer to hold these trades until the Knights game on Saturday afternoon when we should have a better idea on whether Brailey and Pritchard will lineup for their respective teams.

One thing that’s important to remember is that it’s not just the players who you are seeking to trade in/out that will be locked at the commencement of their game. If you are moving a dual position player already in your team to facilitate the trade (e.g the Phythian/TommyTurbo/Suli situation above) then the player already in your team e.g Tommy Turbo will not be able to be moved into a different position once they have played. So if Tommy was playing tonight and you wanted to trade Pythian to Suli tomorrow, you would not be able to do so, as Tommy would be locked into the CTW spot once he has played.

Hopefully this makes you reverse those trades and get into the habit of using them wisely throughout the rolling lockout. 99% of the time it won’t affect you by locking them in prior to Thursday’s game however Supercoach glory is all about the 1%’s.

Good Luck this week!

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