Underdogs Guide for Rookie Coaches

Updated: March 1, 2017

The questions you need answered but are too afraid to ask


Common terms thrown around that are making you question your vocabulary:

  • SC = SuperCoach
  • POD = Point Of Difference: A player, generally someone with >15% ownership who is capable of scoring well
  • BE= Break Even: Players value’s are based on their break even number. If their score for the week is in excess of their breakeven (i.e Mitchell Pearce’s BE is 50 and he scores 75) then they make money. Conversely, if they don’t meet their BE they will lose money. As a general rule avoid trading in players with a high BE as they will likely be cheaper in the coming weeks and, on the other side of the coin target players to trade in with a low BE as they are going up in value and, if a players BE is negative that’s even better value.

You can check the BE of a player using the projections tab on your team page.

  • Cheapie = Cheap player, usually a rookie used to make money for your team
  • Gun = Good player, generally would average 60+
  • Cow = Cash Cow, a player who is undervalued and will make money for you. Usually 100k plus
  • Turbo = Tom Trbojevic
  • IMO = In my opinion i.e take no offence to this view
  • Jurbo = Jake Trbojevic
  • PG13 = Paul Gallen
  • God = Former fantasy superstar Corey Parker
  • H2H= A playing style of Supercoach where you don’t care about bye rounds and save a few more trades heading into the finals.
  • BUM= A player who scores poorly in Supercoach
  • TRAP = A player who looks like a good option but is actually a Bum or will potentially not see enough games to make you money – For Example = Lewis Brown, Clay Priest, Knights players over 200k, Tatau Moga (IMO).
  • VC Loop = Really hard to explain concisely, google it

Other tips and things to remember:

  • Price rises won’t start until after round 3 – This is because a players BE is based on a 3 round rolling average. This also means that you should avoid trading in cheapies with poor job security. If they look like they will get less than 5 games then they won’t make you much money. If they will get less than 3 games they won’t make any money. This is why you should be careful with players like Ponga, Whare etc who are short term injury fill ins.
  • You have less trades than there is matches – This means that you need to conserve trades when you can. Your players will get injured and if you’re playing H2H you want to have a few trades up your sleeve come finals time.
  • Whilst on that, if you’re playing for an overall rank bye planning is key, and its never too early to start. Have a look at the bye planner and get a rough estimate of how many you will have for each week. You may find that you want to change a few players, or at least have a plan on who you can trade in to try and field at least 13 players for each major bye round.
  • Similarly avoid having too many origin players as you will need to trade most of them out during this period unless you can cover them with your bench.
  • H2H players usually just cop the loss in the big bye rounds, and conserve trades to use later in the season.
  • Become a weatherman – Rain has a huge effect on scoring outputs of players. Generally if it’s raining your outside backs especially will score poorly, and there will be less points in general on offer as teams play more conservatively.
  • Avoid bench forwards- There is some decent names with some low price tags up front. Don’t get sucked in. If a player is playing less than 40 minutes its really hard for them to score well. Generally avoid bench forwards unless they are priced below 200k max and are thus a cheapie. The same goes for utility players hence why someone like Kodi Nikorima is terrible SC wise.
  • Your initial team should have 25 players who have been named in round 1 teams – The only exception to this rule is by having one or two players who you know will be playing in the early rounds and you are saving a trade e.g Valentine Holmes, Moses Suli.
  • You need to make cash in the early rounds – hence the 25 starters – the salary cap is tight and if you want to be successful in either H2H or Overall you need to make as much cash as you can as quick as you can.
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There is a whole bunch of stuff that could be added to this, but if there is a key term or a question you want answered feel free to comment below or hit me up on Instagram – underdog_fantasy – I’ll only judge you a little bit


Written By Kyle Robson


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