2017 OTLS Virtual NRL – Round 1

Updated: March 1, 2017

Welcome to a new segment here at OTLS NRL.

We are launching the Virtual NRL where players and clubs will battle it out in the gaming world. Using Rugby League Live 3 on Playstation 4, we have recreated every single player and given them an accurate overall rating however these ratings will change depending on the form of their real life counter parts.

Games will be 20 minutes long (10 minute halves) which was found to be the appropriate length for more real life scorelines while teams will play in the same (or similar) stadium that they are scheduled to play in. All teams will line-up 1-17 as they are named on the Tuesday night and we’ll even be checking the weather reports to see if it should be raining or not.

You can view all the Round 1 highlights in the videos below and be sure to check out the ladder, leading try and point scorer as well as the Dally M count underneath too!


Round One Ladder


Top 5 Try Scorers

1. Anthony Milford (BRO) 3
2. Gavin Cooper (NQC) 2
2. Josh Morris (BUL) 2
2. Tom Trbojevic (MAN) 2
2. Dylan Walker (MAN) 2

Top 5 Point Scorers

1. Dylan Walker (MAN) 16
2. Shaun Johnson (WAR) 12
2. Anthony Milford (BRO) 12
4. Johnathan Thurston (NQC) 10
4. Cameron Smith (MEL) 10

Top Ten Dally M Leaderboard

1 – Anthony Milford (BRO) 3

1 – Bevan French (PAR) 3

1 – Josh Morris (BUL) 3

1 – Gavin Cooper (NQC) 3

1 – Josh Dugan (DRA) 3

1 – Greg Inglis (SOU) 3

1 – Blake Ferguson (SYD) 3

1 – Isaac Luke (WAR) 3

10 – Johanthan Thurston (NQC) 2

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