AFL Draft Hub Player Profile – Hunter Clark

Updated: February 23, 2017

Name: Hunter Clark
Position: Midfielder/Defender
Height 186cm/Weight 79kg
Club: Dandenong Stingrays/ Vic Country
Player Comparison: Isaac Heeney

Hunter Clark is a talented utility who is able to play half-back, midfield and half-forward. He possesses a great leap, dashing speed and is a great user of the football. By foot, he is highly competent on either side of the body.

Clark brings us a new generation style of midfielder, which sees him have the mix of ball winning on the inside which compliments his run and damage with ball in hand on the outside. He isn’t afraid to attack the football both at ground level and in the air, where he has the ability to take on much taller opponents in marking contests.

He is clean both inside and outside of the play, having the ability to pick the ball up at full pace, often without breaking stride. Clark shows a fearless tendency to never shirk away from the contest and with some extra size will inevitably transition this going into AFL level. His versatility, which allows him to play all over the ground will make him a highly sought after player and his mix of speed, skill and toughness make him one of the nation’s most highly rated prospects.

NOTE: Height and weight are based on 2016 measurements

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