AFL Draft Hub Player Profile – Darcy Fogarty

Updated: February 22, 2017

Name: Darcy Fogarty
Position: Forward/Inside Midfielder
Height 190cm/Weight 86kg
Club: Glenelg/ South Australia
Player Comparison: Nat Fyfe

A member of the AFL Academy, Darcy Fogarty is a big bodied Forward/Midfielder who offers something in every facet of the game. He loves to bash and crash contested style of football, and works well defensively, with pressure acts and tackling a strong element of his game. Fogarty wills himself in the contest and uses his size and balance to work his way through traffic, and clear of opposition tacklers. He is a great contested overhead mark, with great judgment and bodywork, to go with his power on a lead and is near impossible to stop if he keeps front position. At ground level, Fogarty is still strong over the ball and his spatial awareness is exceptional.

Fogarty’s skills coupled with his inside work and above average disposal on both feet, gives him more time than most breaking away from the contest. Due to his size, he can break his way through packs, but also remain composed enough to find runners on the outside. At this time, Fogarty is in the number 1 selection conversation, which is a testament to his overall standing amongst the 2017 draft class.

NOTE: Height and weight are based on 2016 measurements.

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