2016/17 Big Bash Fantasy 101

Updated: November 23, 2016

**UPDATE 25/11/2016**

Supercoach have announced that they will be running a Big Bash Fantasy competition for 2016/17 also. See below for further information and instruction on how to join the Over The Line Sports competitions.

The 2016/17 Big Bash Fantasy season is now open and ready for coaches to select their initial squads. While most are seasoned veterans, there are likely to be new comers who have not played this format before.

While this is aimed at the new comers, some of the seasoned veterans may still find this useful leading in to round 1 kicking off on Tuesday, 20 December.

Team Lineup Fantasy

Your team will consist of 7 batsman (2 reserves), 2 wicketkeepers (1 reserve) and 7 bowlers (2 reserves)

team-sheetIt is key to have your starting 11 as strong as possible from week 1 as prices will begin to change at the completion of a players first game.

Team Lineup Supercoach


Your team will consist of 5 batsman (1 reserve), 2 all-rounders (1 reserve), 2 wicketkeepers (1 reserve) and 5 bowlers (1 reserve), but player prices are inflated based on the $2,000,000 salary cap. Due to the fact there are all-rounder spots, no players receive DPP status.


See ball, hit ball? Bowl ball, get wicket? Not exactly. BBL Fantasy has tried to create their scoring around how a player performs as much as possible.

For example, bowlers who go for very little will score extra points based on their economy rate. This is to go along with 20 points for a wicket and 1 points for a maiden over. Economy points are given for anything better than 7.

Batsman that strike the ball well are the kind of players you want in your squad with extra points on offer the higher a batters strike rate.

The full break down of points is below:

Runs (Per run scored) 1 Point
Strike Rate Bonus
Strike Rate of 150+
Strike Rate of 140-149.99
Strike Rate of 130-139.99
Strike Rate of 120-129.99
(must score 20+ runs for SR bonus)
20 Points
16 Points
12 Points
8 Points
Wickets (Per wicket) 20 Points
Dot Ball bowled 1 Point
Maiden over bowled (per maiden over) 12 Points
Economy Rate Bonus
5 or less r.p.o.
5.01-6 r.p.o.
6.01-7 r.p.o.
7.01-8 r.p.o.
(must bowl at least 3 overs for ER bonus)
20 Points
16 Points
12 Points
8 Points
Catch 12 Points
Run out (player affecting runout*) 15 Points
Stumping (W’keeper only) 15 Points
* Run out example – if a throw has gone straight to a keeper and all he does is remove the bails then the fielder gets the run out. If it’s a wayward throw that the keeper has to retrieve and then throw the stumps down himself then the keeper gets the run out as he played the more significant part.

Supercoach Scoring

Stat Description Points Awarded/Deducted
Runs (Per run scored) 1 Point
For every run a player scores above the amount of balls faced: 
(e.g. if a player scores 40 off 26 balls, they score an additional 14 points)
1 Point
Bonus for every 6 hit 2 Points
Bonus for every 4 hit 1 Point
Wickets (Per wicket) 25 Points
Bonus for every 3 wickets in one match 10 Points
Maiden over bowled (per maiden over) 15 Points
Dot Ball bowled 1 Point
Extra Conceded
(per extra, includes wides and no-balls bowled)
-1 Point
Economy Rate Bonus
4 or less r.p.o.
4.01-5 r.p.o.
5.01-6 r.p.o.
6.01-7 r.p.o.
7.01-8 r.p.o.
(must bowl at least 2 overs for ER bonus)
25 Points
20 Points
15 Points
10 Points
5 Points
Catch 10 Points
Run out (player affecting runout) 20 Points
Stumping (W’keeper only) 15 Points

Selecting Your Team

There is a rolling lockout with your players being locked once their game begins for the week. You are able to make an unlimited number of changes (on initial entry) to your team prior to the first lockout for each players first game.

With the Rolling Lockout, you can trade and substitute players, as well as selecting your Captain/Vice Captain right through each round, up until the time of the start of their team’s actual first match. Players are locked into your team only at the time that their real match has started.

The competition has been split in to 8 distinct rounds of 3-5 games each – and players will play twice in some rounds. When this happens, you’ll receive those players’ combined score from both games in any single round where they play twice. Be sure to keep an eye on the fixtures provided below to plan for the double game and bye rounds.

Round 1 (5 Matches) – Strikers, Sixers, Thunder play twice. Stars have a bye.
Round 2 (3 Matches) – Strikers and Renegades have a bye.
Round 3 (5 Matches) – Renegades and Scorchers play twice.
Round 4 (4 Matches) – Heat play twice. Renegades have a bye.
Round 5 (4 Matches) – Renegades and Hurricanes play twice. Heat and Scorchers have a bye.
Round 6 (3 Matches) – Sixers and Thunder have a bye.
Round 7 (4 Matches) – Stars play twice. Hurricanes have a bye.
Round 8 (4 Matches) – All teams play once.

For those of you who may be a little more visual, here is the week by week break down in a spreadsheet format


Tips of the Trade

You want to try and build an initial team with flexibility offered by dual position players. This will come in handy working your way around the by weeks for each team. Players you want to “load up” on are the top order batsman who are likely to score the 20+ runs at a quick rate to make full use of the extra points available with a high strike rate.

While dual position players (DPP) are gold, batsman who can bowl (that aren’t DPP) and bowlers who can bat are well worth looking at to have in your squad. The players that fit this bill are the likes of – Mitchell Johnson, Ben Cutting and Nathan Coulter-Nile.

Try planning a week in advance when looking at trades. Trading players in with a two game round should always take precedence.

With a rolling lockout it is always handy to keep your eye on the team sheets as well as what the weather is likely to do, as you may need some last minute player movement from your bench to cover a potentially low score.

Keep checking back to OTLS through the season as we will continue with our coverage of BBL Fantasy. Alternatively, jump over to our facebook page to join in the conversations already going.




Written by – Corey Wade (@cwade_23)

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