NRL Fantasy: Just How Rad Can Rad Rad Be?

Updated: March 19, 2016

Is there a more popular player in the NRL than Semi Radradra?

This monstrous Fijian winger has taken the NRL by storm from the moment he debuted against Penrith in Rd 18 of the 2013 season. He went on to play 7 matches in the closing rounds of 2013, bullocking his way to 5 trys from those 7 games. A sublime strike rate yet amazingly below what he was to achieve.

In his NRL career to date the Semi Trailer has hauled an incredible 50 try’s from 52 appearances. The legendary Dave Brown bagged 93 try’s from 94 appearances for Eastern Suburbs from 1930 to 1941. Rugby League never imagined a player would achieve this sort of long term strike rate in the top grade ever again. But from the moment we first laid eyes on Semi we knew this record was under threat.

In 2015 Semi made 18 appearances bagging 23 try’s for 50.56 Fantasy Points Average. Removing his Rd 2 injury affected 38 min game his average rises to almost 52 points per game. At the completion of Rd 2 many Fantasy Coaches were adding James Tedesco to their squads and overlooking Semi after his quiet first 2 Rounds of 20 and 24 points. Meanwhile others were keeping a keen an opportunistic eye on Radradra, myself included.

From kickoff of in his Rd 3 game against the Bulldogs I watched nervously wondering if Semi could possibly stay low or even just low enough for one more week. The more I watched the more I knew I couldn’t be that lucky. I haven’t watched a player look so certain to bag at least 1 try since seeing Mal Meninga terrorize weak English Club teams on the Kangaroo Tours of the 80’s. When Semi crossed for his first try and neared 50 pts, still shy of his BE of 74, I held on to a slither of hope that perhaps I could score just one more small price drop before welcoming him to my team.

Deep down I knew that this hope was forlorn and within minutes the Rampaging Semi tore the Bulldogs apart before getting the ball back to plant it smack bang under the middle of the uprights!
Semi’s BE of 74 pts never looked like it had a chance of beating him. But luckily it should restrict him to a Price Rise of around $8K leaving him $47K under his starting price. Semi at $405K or Teddy at $517K, I’d love to have both but for now I think I’ll be picking up a bargain before the start of Rd 3.

I dare say there will not be a better time to get Semi in your side if you don’t nab him this week. If there are any Fantasy Players that opted to buy Semi instead of Teddy prior to the kick off to round 3 – all Kudos to you. It’s always better to buy a player before their Boom than after… As some Coaches buying James Graham for Rd 3 will attest to.


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