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SuperCoach Cash Cows of 2014

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G’day Supercoach enthusiasts, by now I assume that you have been making constant trades and swapping players out in order to have that perfect team by round one………if only life were that simple. The good news is that this isn’t life, it’s Supercoach….. yes which means it’s more important, I joke I joke but the truth is we all have the same universal question “oh Supercoach God, send me a sign of who the best cash cows are of this season?”. Now in my previous articles, I have given you a few hidden gems but It’s time toshare with you the Golden Cash Cows of SuperCoach 2014.

Mitch Rein (Dragons) FRF – $239,700

He is expected to become a 80 minute hooker now that King has left the club, Fien has reitred and Williams and Widdop are set to become the new halves pairing. He is a strong worker in defence as well as being relied upon to chalk up some attacking stats while the new halves find their form. If he carries out a full 80 minute game while achieving the same points he did in his limited time last year he should definitely add value already being a mid range cash cow. Don’t add him yet, wait a couple of rounds before he can prove himself and make you a sneaky $50k.

Mitch Rein could be a real cash cow if he gets the full 80. Source: Daily Telegraph

Cody Walker (Storm) 5/8 – $102,500

The Storm are looking for that replacement for Widdop’s number 6 jumper and Walker seems to be in contention for it. No matter who gets it, they will be a viable option from the get go especially if Cronk is set to miss time. Expect Walker to quietly please SuperCoaches if he gets the nod round 1.

Kyle Stanley (Dragons) CTW/HLF – $156,200

Yes he is injury prone but I am especially itching to see what he can do in this Supercoach scoring system if he stays healthy. We all know he’s capable of big things he just needs the time to shine. Stash him in your NPR’s (non playing reserves) come round 1 and see if he lives up to his potential finally in 2014.

Eric Grother JR (Sharks) CTW – $158,900

The former Eels fan favourite returns after a 3 year hiatus to the Shire. Expect him to cement a start as he claims to be going for an origin position. In order for that to happen he will need to play his best football this season, my money is that he will come close. Keep an eye on him as the season progresses.

Jack Wighton (Raiders) CTW – $153,500

From the rumors around the league, it seems that Wighton will be slotted into a starting position in the halves from the get go. He is an attacking player and has experience on his side which is potential for Supercoach success.

Wighton looks to have snagged himself a starting half position this season. Source: Daily Telegraph

Luke Keary (Rabbitohs) 5/8 – $102,500

He will be a must have if he cements the 5/8 spot if Sutton is moved to the back row this year, which is a very real possibility. Maguire has slowly groomed him into fulfilling this role eventually but it may come sooner than expected.

Cory Paterson (Tigers) 2RF – $219,800

The Tigers didn’t bring Paterson in just to watch the game from the stands every week.  He should be able to see decent minutes this year but is a risky option. If he plays the 80 he could become a SuperCoach must have, however, if he plays 20 he will be one to avoid. I place him here because I like his potential if given the chance.

Jake Trbojevich (Sea Eagles) FRF – $102,500

The Eagles have lost almost their whole front row hence the need for players to step up, enther Jake Trbojevich. He will at least secure a bench spot and is worth keeping an eye on this season

Jason King (Eagles) FRF – $150,900

Big King should see dramatically increased minutes due to the exits of many big name Eagles front rowers such as Kite, Guluvao and Rose. He will be worth more than his price tag indicates and will be a nice little money making option for the first few months.

Blake Austin (Tigers) 5/8 – $110,200

The Tigers signed him for one reason and one reason only, to be a potential replacement for Marshall in the number 6. It is still TBD who does win this pre-season battle but even if he doesn’t, he is still worth a look at this price as he is versatile and is going to make an impact wherever he plays.

Andrew McCullough (Broncos) FRF – $264,800

With Ben Hunt the probably successor of a halves spot, McCullough is looking to become an 80 minute hooker this season. He would have averaged big time scores in the high 70′s if he was an 80 minute player last year. His potential is huge and he is one of the two mid range cash cow I would strongly recommend you have in your team. He could go north of $300k if he reaches his form from last year as well as increased minutes.

Luke Brooks (Tigers) HLF – $225,100

Another potential successor for the Benji Marshall spot, Brooks comes with a ton more of upside than that of Austin. While Austin has proven success if given time, Brooks is touted as being one of the better playmakers in the comp after a year of learning behind Marshall. He is worth a look if he grabs the start and like McCullough, is my other mid range cash cow who I believe could hit prices north of $300k if given a start.

Youngster Brooks will be looking to have a breakout season. Source: Fox Sports

Mitch Cornish (Raiders) HLF – $94,300

Someone needs to step into the halfback position this year at the green machine and Cornish looks the goods. He has had a solid pre season and with Milford most likely playing fullback, he will be a candidate for first crack. Anyone sub $100k and starting anywhere on the field is a definite must have.

Ben Hunt (Broncos) – HLF/FRF – $146,000

Hunt will be the number 7 and will be great at it. He has been utilized as a utility but don’t let that throw you off. He is a natural playmaker with a knack for squeezing throw the line. At $146,000 he is a definite must have at the start of the season.

Chad Townsend (Warriors) HLF – $150,900

The talk around the NRL this off-season has Townsend picked to get the number 6 as the Warriors. He was absolute Supercoach gold a couple of years back when he was killing it for the Sharks and will pick up from where he left off providing he gets a chance. Keep an eye on him and watch everyone jump on board the bandwagon of owning him.

Jason Taumalolo (Cowboys) 2RF – $190,800

This kid is just that damn good. The sky is the limit for him and with Paul Green already promising to up his minutes, he could see up to 60 minutes a week which would be Supercoach gold. For $190,000, that’s very cheap for a player of his potential.

Korbin Sims (Knights) FRF – $119,700

Mason to face court, Packer in jail, Tetavano issued an AVO……ummm anyone there to help out in our forwards and play massive minutes in 2014?? Oh hey there Korbin! The younger brother of Ashton Sims can flat out play. A big agile forward who can break the line. He will see added minutes and if he can capitalise on them and even see a start at some point, he will be one of the hottest picks of the year. Get around him people!

Eto Nabuli (Panthers) CTW – $87,500

What do you get when you have a 6’5′ 105kg speedster who is naturally strong and athletic? You get Eto Nabuli. I can’t even begin to express how much I am in love with this kid and the way he plays the game. Two years ago he was working in Fiji at a hotel and suddenly last year he tore it up in NSW Cup with 30 tries. He just has natural raw ability and still has a ton of room for improvement which is the scariest part. He is going to set the league on fire this year and is my sure pick for rookie of the year. My lord get onto him and start him, he is going to be big!!!

Kane Evans (Roosters) FRF – $94,300

After an absolutely dominant showing at the World Cup all signs are showing that he will get a run this year. With a depleted front row and touted as the next big thing, expect Evans to shine if given his moment. A must have for every Supercoach come the first round.

Nathan Peats (Eels) FRF. 2RF – $102,500

As an avid Eels fan I could not be happier with this signing. He is finally emerging out of Isaac Luke’s shadow and is going to shine. He is the top dog for Supercoach cheapies come 2014 but come 2015 he will be one of the hottest players come round 1. He will be an 80 minute player and is dual position. As well as that, he also has shown glimpses of Isaac esque playing style in terms of attacking stats and playmaking. We have all seen how good Luke has been in the past few years and there is no reason as to why Peats can’t achieve the same. Add him right now.

Peats will be a must have cash cow for all SuperCoaches! Source: News.com.au

Peats will be a must have cash cow for all SuperCoaches! Source: News.com.au


Written by Mike Candiloro

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